4 Types of Video Tours that Sell A House.

4 Types of Video Tours that Sell A House

Virtual tour is the trend in real estate today. From newspaper ads, website listings, and open houses, estate agents and home sellers are now taking advantage of the virtual space to get more reach through creating interactive content like a video tour.

The Importance of Virtual Tour in Selling Your Home

According to John Passerini, video tours are already being used since 2015 as it is a great tool for sellers to market their home and a perk for busy homebuyers.

Eighty-five percent of buyers watch video tours online. Without leaving your home, you can see exactly the house’s appearance inside and out. All you need is a working laptop, the internet, and the virtual space. Just with the convenience it brings, there’s no wonder why sellers are shifting from the conventional marketing to its digital counterpart.

In general, since it becomes one of estate agent’s tools, it has proven to generate more inquiries that lead to the faster sale of your home.

Hence, as a home seller, you have to tap the power of virtual tours to sell your house fast at a premium price.

4 Types of Video Tours

If you are now considering virtual tours for your listing, here are 4 types of videos you may use.

1. Traditional Video

Traditional video, among others, is the most affordable type of virtual tour sellers can use. While it does not include any fancy manipulation like 3D videos, it gives emphasis of the home’s features backed with your story or narration. This is so personal that it captures prospects.

Apart from home tours, traditional video works for agent profiles, market reports, and neighborhood features.

2. DIY Video

A do-it-yourself home tour is a cost-efficient alternative of professionally-produced videos. You can capture and record the home’s features using your Smartphone and use free video tour editing software like Windows Movie Maker to produce a tour.

It’s an advantage if you do video editing but if not, a simple video production can suffice as long as it shows your house’s flair.

3. Professionally Produced Video

Professional production crew is available for hire at a price so you are sure to get a home tour video complete with lighting, drone shots, and angle views.

Some home sellers, who lack experience and time, but have the budget, purchase the service of a professional video producer. While could give an edge to be seen by more eyes, it could cost you thousand bucks.

The good news is you can reach out to cinematographers or film students looking to build their name in the industry. They are affordable and effective than big video production companies.

4. Hi-Tech Interactive Video

Fully interactive 3D models and visualizations make it easier for buyers to see your home anytime, anywhere as if they are in an actual open house.

Compared to a traditional video that walks you through the house, interactive videos can provide you the ability to visit areas you want to check first or last. With the help of your computer mouse, it is easy to navigate directions and tour around the home.

Hi-Tech interactive videos can render 3D videos for unfinished homes and even capture breathtaking sceneries surrounding the property with a drone.
While the interactivity is appealing, it costs around $3000 upwards.

Real estate video tours put your property in advantage because more people are in love with visuals than ever. And sharing it across the web- on your listing page, website, and social media pages can gain it more visibility and reach, not just within your neighborhood, but the entire World Wide Web.

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