5 Steps to Successfully Downsize your Home the Easiest Ways.

5 Easy Steps to Successfully Downsize your Home

Downsizing a home usually, leads to stress and anxiety. While you love your home and all your stuff, it’s time to trim down and move to a smaller space. However, this small move comes with a big decision. This actually one reason why Americans sell their home.

If you find it hard to decide when and how to downsize, here are things to consider on helping you successfully navigate the transition.

Identify Reasons for Downsizing,1. Identify the Reasons for Downsizing

Why are you downsizing? Homeowners have varied reasons for moving to a smaller home. Some have kids going to college. Elders and retirees find it stressful to climb stairs. While others just want to avoid the daily maintenance of a huge property.  Or you just want to save for the future.

Reasons vary from person to person and it’s important to identify them before you make a move.

Determine Your Savings.2. Determine Your Possible Savings

Moving out from your family’s home doesn’t mean you’ll save enough. This is a common delusion among homeowners. If you relocate to a smaller property in an area with a high cost of living, probably your bills will skyrocket.

If you want to make a long-term investment, move to a smaller property where you can gain big savings.

De-clutter, Sell, and Purge.3. De-clutter, Sell, and Purge

Downsizing means parting away from your old stuff. A smaller house can’t accommodate all your belongings so it’s time to shed the excess.

You can either sell your stuff online or on a garage sale or donate your unwanted items. Donating your stuff will give you a tax deduction in the future so better save the receipt.

If you can’t live without your belongings, which you’ve accumulated for decades, find a storage solution. However, this may cost you double. The key is to sell and purge your items for a good amount than keeping things that won’t be of value.

Know Where to Move.4. Know Where to Move

There are several factors to consider before making a move. If you are a retiree, it’s important to check the proximity of your prospect from your relatives and health care. Contrary, if this is not a concern, transfer to a place where the cost of living is cheaper than your current residence.

The golden rule is to move to a place where you can make big savings.

Sell your house5. Sell Your House

If you have identified the above criteria and have made a final decision, then it’s now time to sell your home. This may seem a long and haywire process for new sellers but there are bunches of ways to help you jumpstart. You can hire a real estate agent, sell your home yourself, or deal with a cash home buyer.

Home selling is a long challenging process so make sure to prepare yourself for this daunting task.

Downsizing doesn’t have to be horrible and aggravating. Parting with the home you’ve invested for decades can be difficult but it paves the way to a welcoming future.

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