Facebook Marketing in Real Estate

5 Ways to Sell Your House Fast with Facebook Marketing

Facebook has been a useful platform to promote and market any types of businesses including real estate. Most homeowners, who use Facebook as a marketing tool, agree that they were able to close a deal much faster than in the use of traditional methods.

So to those who are selling their house in Washington DC or anywhere in the United States, here are basic ways to implement Facebook marketing so you can sell your home fast.

Facebook Marketing in Real Estate1. Understand Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a huge channel with over billions of daily users. You don’t want to get your real estate advertisements buried under millions of random ads getting posted in a span of a second. Therefore, it is important that you understand Facebook and its changing algorithm.

You can either hire a professional estate agent, who have the grasp of Facebook and uses the medium regularly. Or you can learn it yourself, find online resources and tutorials, and experiment every area of Facebook until you finally grasp the idea of this strategy.

Facebook Marketing in Real Estate2. Upload Quality Photos and Videos of your House

People only remember 20% of information they read and 80% they see. Meaning, images and other types visual designs are more relatable for users, for instance, your house’s photos and videographs.

So, posting photos and images of your home on Facebook can improve reach and engagement. Not to mention the trust and interest you can get from possible buyers.

Take high-quality photos that show your house’s best features. You can also use Facebook Live to walk potential buyers in your house without the need for you to schedule an open house. Moreover, utilize drone photographs and videos to highlight nearby amenities and magnificent views.

Facebook Marketing in Real Estate3. Update Your Page Regularly

With millions of Facebook users posting every second, your posts might get covered and buried in Facebook’s active yet cluttered environment. Even a hundred dollar worth post can get drown in the tide so updating your status daily is necessary.

Two to three updates a day is ideal so your prospects won’t get lost when they view your profile.

And make sure to post the property’s details and your contact information for buyers to easily reach you out.

Facebook Marketing in Real Estate4. Connect and Engage

You can also join Facebook groups that are interested in real estate. So if you are in Washington DC, you can search for groups that are geographically located in Washington DC. Play around Facebook’s features and you’ll get surprised how comprehensive and useful it is.

Once you are joined, interact with members inside and post your house for sale. However, don’t spam the group as you will be immediately kicked out.

You can also ask friends and families to share your posts on their walls. This way, you can reach more people that are beyond your circle.

Facebook Marketing in Real Estate5. Purchase Facebook Ads

If you have enough budget to purchase Facebook advertisements, do so. With just $5 a day, you can target specific people when done right.

With Facebook Ads, you don’t only showcase your house for sale within your network but beyond the area where you set your specific target. This Facebook feature allows you to choose your criteria including age, gender, location, workplace, education, interests, and more.

Many FSBO have attested that Facebook Ads have helped them advertise their home, which drives more interested buyers to send an offer and buy their house in Washington DC in less than a month.

Facebook marketing is a pleasing and affordable way to market your home anywhere you are. It only takes courage and a little self- study to make the best out of it. However, if you don’t have the time to allocate for any kind of marketing including Facebook advertisements, you can directly sell your house to The Home Buyers.

We Buy Houses in Washington DC and Nearby Communities

The Home Buyers buy houses anywhere in Washington DC, Delaware, and Maryland. We buy houses faster than what Facebook marketing can do. We have closed deals for several houses in just a span of a week or two.

All we need is your property’s details so we can make a better and fair deal.

Send us your house’s details. We are waiting for it!

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