5 Worst Home-Selling Advice You Should Never Believe...

5 Worst Home Selling Advice You Should Never Believe

You are ready to sell your home and you have told your parents, relatives, friends about it. What’s next? It’s time to prepare for an onslaught of how-to and experts advice about home selling.

Here’s one great advice we would love to share: Don’t believe on everyone’s advice. While your family and friends have sold their houses and closed the sale on a good deal, you have to creatively work on the success of your sale. Following their suggestions could hurdle your chances of selling fast.

Worst Home Selling Advice for Homeowners

Here are 5 worst home selling advice you should not believe and why.

5 Worst Home Selling Advice You Should Never Believe we buy houses1. Don’t Sell When The Market is Slow

Most home sellers, and even real estate professionals, believe that home selling is fast and friendly when the market is hot. This isn’t true.

Everything from rate hikes, national election, and natural disaster can turn the market upside down, which can affect your sale.

According to Evelina K. Vatkova, associate partner at Partners Trust, the best time to sell your house is now.

Don’t depend on the market. Instead, prepare for the sale as early as today. Read about the best time to sell your home here!

5 Worst Home Selling Advice You Should Never Believe we buy houses2. Wait for the Spring And Summer to Sell Your House

Most homeowners are likely to sell their house during spring and summer time. For home sellers, enhancing your home especially the curb appeal is easy during these days. Likewise, home buyers can easily find better deals as more houses for sale are out in the market.

Kids are on their summer vacation so parents have time to scout for properties in preparation for the coming season.

Take note that not everyone observes the Jude- Christian holidays and not all homeowners have kids. While spring and summer have the most activities, it’s important that you work on selling your house any time of the year.

5 Worst Home Selling Advice You Should Never Believe we buy houses3. Don’t Fix Anything on Your House

You don’t need to make home repairs and renovations as you will just leave your home. Let the new owner make the necessary home improvements.

This is a big mistake homeowner should avoid. Improving your house will help a lot in the sale of your house. A newly-painted and clean house creates a good first impression to buyers and can augment its worth.

Prepare your home for prospect home buyers. The improved your house is, the appealing it is to buyers and the faster you can seal the deal.

Make sure to fix and paint the dented walls, de-clutter your things, and clean your house before you put your property out of the market. Here are 10 things to prepare your house for a quick sale.

5 Worst Home Selling Advice You Should Never Believe we buy houses4.  I Know The Best Agent in Town

When it comes to home selling, most homeowners ask the assistance of expert real estate agents. However, if this is your first time to sell, you probably don’t know anyone.

A friend’s friend recommended someone to work for you. Would you hire him?

Hiring a real estate agent is crucial. You need the perfect person that understands the market and your needs. Some homeowners are headaches while others aren’t. Find the one that best suits your requirements or engage with a cash home buyer.

Personal recommendation usually complicates the process and negatively affects your sale instead of making a good profit.

5 Worst Home Selling Advice You Should Never Believe we buy houses5. Your Camera Phone is Enough To Take Your House’s Photos

Although you got hundreds of likes on your latest Facebook photo, doesn’t mean you’ll get the same engagement for your bathroom’s photograph.

Your photographs can make or break the sale. Make sure they are clear and attractive to drive traffic to your posting.

Camera phones don’t have the range and feature of a digital camera so it’s best to hire a professional photographer who has the equipment and skills to capture picturesque photos. Here are other effective ways to market your house.

If ever you heard any of these advice during your home selling, just listen but don’t execute. What is effective for others may not be effective for you.

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