Home Selling Etiquettes for Home Sellers

6 Home Selling Etiquettes Every Homeowner Should Practice

Selling your home requires a lot of legwork. You have to prepare the interior and exterior of your house and set up effective marketing strategies for a faster sale.

Because you have achieved an immaculate shape doesn’t mean you are done with your homework. Your home is not the sole thing home buyers check, you are, too!

Impress your buyers, not only with a nice looking home but an attitude that attracts serious sales. Here are 6 unwritten home selling etiquettes every seller should practice to give the best possible light for your home.

1. Give Home Buyers the Privacy

Home buyers visit your house to check your home’s exterior and interior. During the open house, let your prospects tour the house themselves. Give them privacy. We know that you’re proud of all the DIY improvements you did and you want it to be appreciated. However, don’t lurk around your buyer during the showing.

Leave them freely. Buyers are more comfortable if homeowners are not around checking their every move. This enables them to picture themselves and their family’s future lifestyle clearly.

2. Take your Pets Away

Sure, your Pomeranian looks so nice and cute, but not everyone shares the same thought. During the open house, take your pet for a walk or schedule a haircut because aside from having allergies, some buyers are not comfortable having any pets at home.

A dog barking in the background is also destructing while your prospect is trying to check the house’s nuances.

Serious home buyers would run out your premises if you forced them to like your pet.

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3. Leave Enough Space for Parking

During an open house, park your car somewhere to give way to prospects. Potential home buyers hate parking issues and this could lead to a bad impression. Save them a space to park their car.

Don’t let them park a block away as they might skip checking your home. Don’t let your buyers feel lousy during their visit as it may affect their overall thought.

4. Prepare Important Documents

Since you are away to give space for buyers to check the nitty- gritty of your home, make sure that the important documents are laid out for their checking.

Place the appraisal, pre-sale home inspection, and the warranty in a conspicuous place. Having these files ready help buyers to get immediate answers to  their questions. Moreover, enables them to decide upfront whether to make an offer or not.

Leaving important documents in an easy to find place is a good etiquette to practice.

5. Offer Refreshments

Although this is not really part of your obligation, it’s always hospitable to prepare refreshments, which your buyers could grab when they started to get hungry.

Bottled waters, cookies, and mints are the most common refreshments to prepare.

6. Patiently Wait for Feedback

Of course, you want to know the buyer’s feedback. Don’t be so excited. Usually, buyers respond after a day or two to thoroughly process and study the information they picked up from visiting your home.

You’ll hear the feedback but not exactly on the day of the visit. Be patient.

The above 6 home selling etiquettes are important. They may not guarantee an instant sale but at least would leave a good impression on buyers, who might prefer to deal with you over the others.

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