7 Annoyances Home Buyers Do During an Open House

7 Annoyances Home Buyers Do During an Open House

Open house is an effective strategy to market your home. And in order to convert your visitors into serious buyers, your home should be pristine, neat, and accommodating. So, it’s necessary to keep your house in its best shape before visitors come in.

If you are about to hold a showing soon, we’ve listed here 7 pain-points that you should expect before, after, or during the day, and prepare for them.

1. Last Minute Cancellation or No-Show

You have spent the whole day cleaning and dusting your home and you are certain that the buyers will love your house at their first sight. Then you receive a text message saying that they can’t come anymore. Worst is they didn’t show up at all— not text, no call. Urg!

This upsets most home buyer but the fact is it happens all the time. As early as now, expect reschedules and surprised cancellations of the showing.

In case some buyers happen to cancel without any word. Let you or your agent reach out to know the reason or if they will still be coming back.

2. Surprise Visit

On the other hand, without giving any heads up, the buyer wants to see the house— now!

You are not ready. The toys were scattered. The laundry’s sitting on the couch. The house just looks messy.

You can’t say no!

So, get up, pick up the pieces, and toss it in your Rubbermaid. No one won’t bother checking.

Last minute showing or surprise visit is also a common scenario in home selling, just like cancellation and reschedule. And as a home buyer who wants to sell fast, your house needs to show up as pleasing as possible anytime any day.

3. Messy Stuff

You left your home organized and clean but when you come back, seem a chaos just had happened. The buyers felt so comfortable in your space that they mess your stuff as if it’s their own.

You have nothing to do but clean it again and again and again.

4. Damages

Not just that, more than the disarranged chairs, you will be surprised by the damages after these people visited your area.

One of the appliances is no longer working, shattered window glasses or anything that you left in good condition is now inutile.

In such instances, it’s best to keep your homeowner’s insurance updated.

5. Items Missing

Holding an open house is somehow risky. You don’t know who are coming in and out of your home. Do they really intend to see your house if it’s worth a purchase? Or someone is just peeking for valuable items.

In order to avoid loss, keep your valuables away from your visitor’s sight and store them in safety. Small items like jewelry and figurines that can easily be hidden in the pocket should be removed from display.

While you can delegate your agent or someone generous from the family members to watch your visitors, you can’t still keep an eye to everyone. So, better safe keep your valuables from itchy hands.

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6. Goodbye Pets

Your puppy is so cute and you really love this huggable little creature. However, not everyone loves pets just like you do. And you don’t know if your puppy loves them, too.

During the showing, you need to get your pets out of the house. This doesn’t mean tying them in one of the corners but you have to keep them out of your premises, literally.

Your prospects will be more confident to stroll in your home. And it’s easier for them to make a decision without a dog barking in the background.

So, bring your pet to a walk, treat him for a haircut, or ask your sister to nurse your puppy just for the duration of the showing.

It won’t take too long, so bare with it.

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7. Irresponsible Buyers

As a homeowner, you have to give space for the buyers and your real estate agent to experience and see every corner and feature of your home. According to studies, they tend to be more confident and at ease in their decision when owners are not around, so, leave the premises.

But before you leave, advise your agent to close the lights, unplug the wires, and lock the door as soon as the showing is done. It’s also best to post signs and reminders in the prominent area so they won’t forget it.

No one would want to come home with all lights on and doors opened for several hours.

Open house is proven to create hype among interested buyers and closes a deal fast. However, you also have to deal with these annoyances. In fact, it’s part and parcel of the package of home selling so bare with it.

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