Handy Guide For Better Decision Making About Selling a House

No doubt, the house is a valuable asset. But an asset is worth it only if it becomes useful when needed. No doubt people build or buy homes with a lot of passion, and call it an asset. However, there come occasions when selling this asset becomes essential to fulfill bigger purposes. But, selling a home is not as easy as it is thought to be. Being such a valuable asset, one can’t just sell it for any random amount. It’s seen on many occasions that buyers exploit the house owners or sellers during the urgencies. Many people also become victims of fraud on such occasions. All such scenarios happen when someone goes for selling houses in an unprofessional way.

Why only the professional way?

No matter it’s about selling the house for business purposes or financial purposes, one needs to sell it at the right time. Selling a house when the demand is peak can provide the best value. Similarly, someone in need would also wish to sell the house in the quickest possible time. In either case, timing matters the most for dragging the best value. And, only a professional buyer can help during the matters of such urgencies. Rather than searching random buyers or being exploited by the agents, it is suggested to find professionals who say yes We Buy Houses Virginia in the quickest possible time.

Things to consider:

Virginia being a prominent part of the world, selling a house here can provide huge bucks. As explained above, all that matters are to find the right platform for selling. There are certain things one must take into account while searching for a platform to sell. The first thing to enquire about is whether they would buy the house in a condition that it is at present.

If they show consent about buying it at its present condition, then enquire about the price they offer. The good news is that there are many prominent buying platforms those claim, We Buy Houses Virginia in irrespective of its condition. Undoubtedly, going with such a platform would be wiser. However, it is advised to enquire about the prices from different sources to find the best deal.

There are many instances seen where people have relieved from their worries by buying their houses at the best price. Be it about avoiding taxes, complexities arising during divorces, or simply for financial reasons, buying the house has accomplished many, in many different ways. As discussed above, all that matters is to find the right platform to sell.

Top Reasons to Work with Professional Real Estate Agent to Sell Property Faster


When you want to sell a property quickly, working with the professional real estate agents helps. Not only can they help in selling your property faster, but they also provide you with the best value. With years of experience and expertise in the field, they can attract more buyers for your property.


Some of the top reasons to work with professional real estate agents to sell property are:

  • Better Home Presentation

Presenting your home in the best way before your buyer matters a lot for quick selling. The professional agents make sure to effectively present as well as stage your home to make it appealing for the buyers.

  • List Your Property at Right Price

With a better understanding of the real estate market, the professionals can help in listing your property at the right place and the right price. Having knowledge of the current market trend, they ensure to market your home for the top dollars.

  • Get More Buyers

With a good marketing strategy, the professional real estate agents help in getting more buyers for your home. Your property will get more showings, and you can easily sell a property quickly.

  • Higher Offers

Listing your property with a professional agent helps in getting higher offers from the buyers. By handling the entire process in a professional way, they help in making a significant impact on the offer and sell your home at the top market price.

  • Speed up Time to Close

While there is a lot of paperwork involved in the property selling and closing process, the professional agents help in easy handling. They ensure completing the process smoothly at the earliest time possible.

Working with the professional real estate agents can help in selling your home at top value. Collaborate with the professionals and enjoy a stress-free selling of your home.

How To Sell Your House Fast For Cash in Washington

Are you facing foreclosure? Did you recently inherit a home? Going through a divorce and need to sell your home fast? Does your home need repairs to sell? Do you want to sell your house fast for cash in Washington? 

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Fast cash offer

If selling fast is a top priority, then The Home Buyers is the way to go. Listing your home with a real estate agent does not promise a fast or easy sale. There are thousands of homes on the market. If you want to sell your home fast, don’t let your home be a part of that long list. Let our team at The Home Buyers provide you with a hassle free cash offer. We want to buy your home. No matter the condition, we will make you a fair cash offer.

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Find Condos For Sale in DC

Looking to sell your condo? Then you came to the right place! The Home Buyers is your hassle-free simple solution to a quick cash offer for your condo. 

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Fortunately for you, condos are extremely sought after. Historically, condos for sale in DC are sold three times as fast as single family homes. They are lower maintenance, have less square footage, and lower overall costs when compared to homes. It is important to be prepared for a fast move once you decide to put your condo for sale in DC.

Whether you are looking to rid yourself of an outdated property, move out of the area, or upgrade to a luxury home, now is the time to put your condo on the market. 

They are a hot commodity! 

Condos are one of the most sought after types of real estate in DC and surrounding areas. Whether you own a new build, historic, or luxury condo, there is an abundance of buyers looking for condos for sale in DC. Let us help you find the right buyer for your property. 

 Choose the right team!

The most important thing if you are considering selling your condo is selecting the proper team to assist you in the disposition of your property. The Home Buyers has a great deal of experience with condos for sale in DC and surrounding areas.

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Effective Room Staging Tips that Proven to Sell Fast

Home staging is an effective marketing strategy that sells a home at a top dollar rate. According to the National Association of Realtors, home buyers are willing to spend more for a well-staged environment than those do not.

You can either hire a professional stager or do the staging yourself. Either way, you can still sell your home at a higher value.

So in order to get the best return from your house for sale, here are home staging tips you would want to consider before you put your home out in the market.

Clean and De-clutter.1. Clean and De-clutter

A clean and organized home drives more prospective buyers.

Clutters make a room look smaller so get rid of it. Make sure the curb is appealing and the interior is tidy so visitors won’t get disappointed when they schedule an open house with you by surprise. You can also purge or donate excess and unused items and furnitur.

Moreover, don’t forget to wipe off dust and remove stains on walls, floors, and even furniture.

Make sure to take a hard look at your home and ask yourself what has to be improved so it will sell faster.

room staging2. Group Your Furniture

Furnishing arrangement can either make your home look spacious or cluttered.  Therefore, you have to group your chairs and tables accordingly and organize them to make your small room appear bigger.

Depending on your floor area, you can either push the furniture to your wall or keep it floating away from it. You can also position your sofas into a cozy conversational arrangement to make your living room more intimate for visitors.

Grouping your furniture will not only make your room more spacious but it also pleases your visitors.

room staging3. Repurpose Your Rooms

If you have an extra room that serves no purpose, why not add value to it. That way, you’re going to give your buyers the impression that each room has value and they can get the best out of their investment.

You can turn a small storage room into a simple home office, a yoga studio, or a meditation room.

Make it clean and add decors that will improve its overall appearance. Perch a small table and chair and add some accessories—you’ll now have a beautiful library desk and a writing table.

room staging4. Repair

Before you put your property out in the market, make sure your house is all set and ready. Unfinished projects should be done and polished before you let visitors come in.

Ongoing repairs could upset visitors, which may also affect their buying decision.

Unrepaired areas like large cracks and damaged doors are red flags. Instead of getting the best price, you’ll instead be welcomed by a lowball offer.

Therefore, repair what needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

room staging5. Choose the Right Color

When staging your home, always consider the paint color.

Your choice of paint color can make a whole lot of difference on your home’s appeal. It can turn an old house into a new and turnkey property and it can even create a good and positive impression with the right complementing color.

Know the color that sells for your home and experiment with a color combination that will best go together with your existing appliances and furniture.

Beige and white are the most common colors used for houses for sale but there’s no limit on your choice as long as it can set a mood that matches your intention.

Staging a home can create a huge difference on its before and after. And you’ll also get surprised by how much your home value increases after you made the improvement.

You don’t need to hire a professional to do the staging because DIY guides and ideas are available on the web. Also, you don’t have to spend much because there are free and thrift finds anywhere.

To those who want to sell faster without any plans to spruce up their home, don’t hesitate to call The Home Buyers.

We Buy Ugly Houses As- Is!

The Home Buyers doesn’t mind if your house is untidy, old, or cluttered. We buy any type of houses anywhere in Washington DC, Delaware, and surrounding communities.

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Moreover, you’ll get to sell the house and get your money in just a week or less. No hassle at all.

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Selling Your House? Always Choose the Paint Color that Sells!

When it comes to home selling, home improvement should be in the front seat. This includes sprucing up your curb, putting appropriate decors, room staging, and choosing the right blend of colors.

Your choice of paint color can make or break a possible deal so better do your research and paint your wall with the colors that sell

Therefore, you should know these five essential factors in choosing the right paint so you can sell your home fast.

Selling Your House? Always Choose the Perfect Paint Color!1. Undertones

Selecting wall colors can be both fascinating and frustrating.

While you thought you have bought the right paint color, it appears in contrast to what you have visualized when the wall got painted.

This is because you neglected the power of undertone.

Undertone is hardly visible to the naked eyes so you should take a closer look at your paint options to determine exactly the undertone. When in doubt, confirm with the salesperson.

Selling Your House? Always Choose the Perfect Paint Color!2. Lighting

Don’t get easily influenced by the attractive blend of paint colors you see in your friend’s house or on the recent home and lifestyle magazine you’ve read.

While these are good sources of inspiration, you are not guaranteed that it will appear the same on your property.

Always consider lighting.

Sunlight and light from incandescent bulb reflect differently on any time of the day so be careful on your options as it may either excite or disappoint possible buyers.

Selling Your House? Always Choose the Perfect Paint Color!3. Finishes

Semi-gloss and matte finishes may affect how your house appeals to buyers. Both have their own ins and outs and it’s up to you whether what type of finish you want for your home.

Matte finishes are cheaper but less durable compared to glossy finishes.

High gloss is shiny and easier to clean but wall imperfections are obvious.

It’s your choice.

Selling Your House? Always Choose the Perfect Paint Color!4. Furnishings

There are different factors to consider in choosing your paint color and one of the most crucial is your furnishings.

Your wall paint must complement with your furniture’s material and color.

So when buying paint, take in mind the flooring, wallpaper, tiles, cabinets, and other fixtures to maintain consistency all over your home.

This is a no-brainer so better consider these things before you shop for paintings.

Selling Your House? Always Choose the Perfect Paint Color!5. Emotional State

The right color evokes the right emotion. The same way, the wrong color can also evoke the wrong impression.

This is why most home sellers play it safe by painting their homes with neutral colors.

Generally, neutral colors such as beige and white are the most common options. But expert recommends adding tone to give your home appeal and character.

Color really affects buyer’s emotion and you should strictly consider the hue that best suits your home buyer’s preference and personality—not yours!

Selling Your House? Always Choose the Perfect Paint Color!6. Neighborhood

Lastly, always consider the neighborhood when doing an exterior facelift. This does not only make your house looks good from the outside– it also drives more interested buyers to your doorstep.

Your exterior paint should blend the surrounding and must also speak in common with the community.

To those who will be selling their home, take into consideration your house’s color as it influences buyer’s decision. Hence, take in mind the above factors in choosing the perfect color for your home.

But for those who don’t have the time to paint their home into good shape, you can contact the Home Buyers for assistance.

We Buy As Is Houses in a Week Or Less!

The Home Buyers is ready to buy your house anytime of the week. Fill up our form with all the information needed and we will get back to you as soon as we can for our quote.

You don’t have to decide on which paint color best matches your home or the community. We don’t mind that, anyway.

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10 Best Real Estate Websites to Advertise Your House

Real estate sells like pancakes in the United States. Over 5.45 million total home sales were generated in 2016, which is higher compared to 2015’s statistics with only 5.25 million sales.

Each sealed transaction was a result of different efforts and in today’s digital marketing age, real estate websites give an advantage. These websites have the power to showcase your home, attract buyers, and close a deal fast.

Real estate websites are helpful in buying and selling houses but only a handful of them generates a significant amount of traffic that helps in the speedy sale of your home.

Below are 10 of the best websites to list your home based on popularity, relevance, and customer satisfaction.

1. Zillow

10 Best Real Estate Websites to Advertise Your House

Zillow has been in the real estate marketplace since 2016 and has now grown into one of US largest rental and real estate portals. It displays house information and even provides suggestions to help you decide on which house to buy for a better deal. You can also connect with professionals who can assist you during your home shopping.

With over 110 million US homes in Zillow’s database, who would still doubt its ability to successfully seal a deal.

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2. Trulia

10 Best Real Estate Websites to Advertise Your House

Trulia was founded in 2015 as a subsidiary of Zillow Company. Home sellers need to sign up and enter their details to get an access to Zillow’s database.  Your information as a seller will be displayed on Trulia’s mobile app and are accessible for homebuyers.

The app also provides insights about the commute time and crime score within the community.

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3. Realtor

10 Best Real Estate Websites to Advertise Your House

As the pioneering digital real estate company, Realtor.com had made people’s home journey simpler and more efficient.

With its innovative tools, estate experts, and a comprehensive list of for-sale properties, the real estate website was considered as the most trusted resource in the estate industry to date.

4. Homes

10 Best Real Estate Websites to Advertise Your House

Another good avenue to list your house for sale is at Homes.com. You’ll find a lot of for sale homes in the platform from fully-furnished to second-hand and bargain houses.

For sale properties are arranged by state, which is convenient in locating houses depending on your target location. These listings can also be accessed through Homes.com’s mobile apps, which has a comparison feature to help you land a better and fair deal.

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5. MSN Real Estate

10 Best Real Estate Websites to Advertise Your House

MSN Real Estate lists houses all over the US. They have specific sections for home rentals, home and garden tips, and even a page for first-time home buyer’s guide

They show recent listings with its corresponding prices so buyers can easily check new houses posted daily.

6. AOL Real Estate

10 Best Real Estate Websites to Advertise Your House

AOL real estate is one of the best go-to place for home shoppers to find their new haven at their desired place.  Every day new listings are posted and hundreds to thousands are being sold.

And everytime a seller posts a new home for sale, registered users will instantly receive updates.

You’ll also find the latest news about real estate and professional guides to help you in home buying and selling.

These real estate websites are on top of the game for being decent, reliable, and effective platforms to sell a house fast. With over millions of monthly visitors, the chance of selling your home in this website is high. The stupendous growth of these listings paves way for more home sellers to sell and buyers to buy.

Listing your home in these websites can increase the chances of selling your home fast but some sellers prefer a much faster turn-around. If that’s the case, The Home Buyers can help.

We Buy Houses as Fast as 7 DAYS!

The Home Buyers buy houses within a week or less. Unlike the above listings in which you are required to input your home details, you can contact us directly by filling up our form and we will call you after 15 minutes for our instant and fair quotation.

You don’t need to upgrade your home or even improve the curb- that’s additional expenses. We are buying houses as-is, whatever condition it is.

We have closed thousands of deals since we started and still counting our growing numbers of satisfied customers.

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6 Effective Tips for a Stunning Real Estate Photography

Over 80% of web users search the internet during house hunt and listings with photographs have proven to get more attention than those without.

Photos have been used in real estate for more than a decade but it has never been much of importance than today. It is actually third in our list of the best marketing techniques to sell house fast. 

However, this doesn’t include crappy, boring photos.

Stunning photos capture more eyes, which can eventually seal a deal fast. Therefore, shoot your home’s photos like you are photographing for a home and lifestyle magazine.

Here are 6 practical and effective tips in real estate photography that will make your house more attractive so it sells faster.

6 Effective Tips to Make Your House Stunning on Photographs1. Invest in a Decent Camera

A home’s photograph can make or break a sale. And, a decent camera produces decent photographs.

Crappy, blurred, and pixilated images from low-end tools can result in mediocre photos.  So you really have to invest in a good camera for your photos to look good and inviting, especially that you will be posting it on your real estate website.

Ivan Ciraj from Square One Condos suggests investing on a wide angle camera lens as it captures better image quality, unlike other typical digital cameras.

Brands like Canon and Nikon with 16-35 mm lens are commonly used by real estate photographers. There are also cheaper and effective alternatives that deliver almost similar quality like Sigma and Tamron.

Having a tripod and shutter also eliminate shaking when taking photos.

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6 Effective Tips to Make Your House Stunning on Photographs2. Use Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is a major factor that can make up or mess up your home’s photographs. It can produce outstanding images that can turn on buyers and pull them to your home once used right.

Expert suggests taking photos during late morning and afternoon when the sun is at its peak.

During this time, metal fixtures, wood details, and furniture upholstery illuminates, which looks more attractive and pleasing in photographs.

6 Effective Tips to Make Your House Stunning on Photographs3. Use Landscape Orientation for Best Viewing

Experts suggest taking photos with landscape orientation at all times. It is pleasant to the human eye and captures a wider angle that allows your prospects to see the wider view just from the photo itself.

Apart from that, since the interior space is wide, landscape orientation  can emphasize the details and features better than in portrait.

6 Effective Tips to Make Your House Stunning on Photographs4. Emphasize the Best Feature in Each Room

When photographing your home, always take photos of the room’s selling point. Take advantage of the spaciousness, the natural light, the view, and the chandelier as they can wow buyers.

Your home features should also be the focal point of your photo shoot to hype your buyer’s curiosity until they are willing to schedule an open house.

Before you set the photo shoot day, prepare and organize your home from the little nook to the main area.  And the curb should be readily prepared for exterior photography.

6 Effective Tips to Make Your House Stunning on Photographs5. Take Lots of Photos

Giovanni Farinacci of Keller Williams Prestige allocates 2 hours to shoot a 3000 square foot home. And, that’s a lot of photos.

In taking photographs for your home, capture the angles, experiment on the light exposure, and shoot the room’s features until you find the perfect shot to upload on your listings.

While this takes time, it can surely generate more views and inquiries on your listings than nothing.

6 Effective Tips to Make Your House Stunning on Photographs6. Post-Processing

Post-processing is a try and tested way to improve your photos overall appearance. Tools like Photoshop can correct colors and light discrepancies and can even remove unnecessary spots and blocks that deter the beautiful view.

If ever you don’t have knowledge of Photoshop, you can self-learn through YouTube or even ask help from experts.

These photography tips will improve your listings and can substantially grow your reach until you find the perfect home buyer for your property.

On the other hand, if you don’t have the time, tools, and talent to do real estate photography, you may want to reach to The Home Buyers for a smooth and quick sale.

We Buy Houses in Washington DC Fast and Easy

We buy any types of houses regardless if it’s new or not. No photo shoot is needed as we take care of everything. All you need is to send us your home details including your name, home address, contact number, and asking price to process your request then we will send you a reasonable quote and seal a deal as fast as 7 days.

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How to Create a Website to Sell Your House Online?

In a study conducted by the Digital House Hunt, 90% of people search the web during house hunt, therefore, creating an online platform that showcases your property’s features and flare can definitely put you in advantage among other home sellers.

While traditional real estate marketing like hiring an estate agent, hosting an open house, and even planting a for-sale sign in your yard could help in selling your home, tapping into the power of the web has also proven to create more inquiries, which can result in a faster sale.

6 Features Every Real Estate Website Should Have

Let say you have already set up your website, next is to fill it in with information in which your prospects will benefit from.

So what details should you include on your website?

How to Create a Website to Sell Your House Online?1. Rich Media

People nowadays consumed visuals faster than written content so take advantage of the power of visual content in creating your website.

Take photos of your property, the community, and the neighborhood to give your prospects a glimpse of your home, the surrounding, and the lifestyle they will be having if they choose to buy your home.

Capture many photos as possible but never compromise its quality as it can make or break a possible sale. You don’t need a high-end camera, a Smartphone can produce outstanding results.

Home virtual tours are also becoming a trend so why not try as well? Record your home from the curb to the inside and upload it to your home page so visitors can see what your house looks like as if they are in an open house.

How to Create a Website to Sell Your House Online?2. Content

While visuals can easily penetrate the human mind, having a content to support and explain your photos and videos is of big help. According to Kissmetrics, descriptions are read 300% more than the full content itself.

Hence, provide descriptions of every photo uploaded. Write down important details such as the floor size, number of bedrooms, and nearby amenities to set expectations from web visitors.

If possible, minimize technical terms. Not everyone is familiar with real estate jargons so explain details as always and use layman’s terms all the time.

How to Create a Website to Sell Your House Online?3. Call to Action

A call to action or CTA is commonly used in marketing to provoke your audience to take an action. This short line of texts invites and prompts your readers to make a move to start a business with you.

Crafting compelling call to actions and adding them throughout your copies and website pages can increase the chances of more phone calls and contact form submissions.

The more people to sign up your form, the more information you’ll get from interested buyers, and the easier to reach them out whenever necessary. So, don’t forget to add clickable CTA’s in every prevalent space in your site.

Take note that the CTA should have an eye-catching design, a copy that provokes people to act, a value proposition, and a landing page to direct your visitors after they clicked your CTA. Usually, real estate websites direct their visitors to their Contact Us page.

Contact information.4. Contact Information

According to a study conducted by KoMarketing, 64 % of website visitors looked for contact information by the time they landed a site’s home page.  These people want instant access to your details in a span of 10 seconds especially if they want to confirm details or even schedule a showing.

Make sure to put your details available on the home page so they easily see it as soon as they landed your website.

How to Create a Website to Sell Your House Online?5. Links to Social Media Channels

Last in the list are the social media channels, where you post major updates about your house for sale.

Social media has proven to effectively market your home. The most commonly used platforms by real estate agents today are Facebook and Twitter so take advantage of the benefits of these channels, too.

Aside from posting updates on socials, you can also invite your web visitors to share about your house for sale on their profiles. There are several free social media plugins with this feature so better download and use it.

Now that you are all set, start creating a website for your house for sale. You can do it yourself or ask help from a website developer to take charge of your website.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to spend time and money for this helpful marketing strategy and just want to sell your house as it is, contact The Home Buyers.

We Buy House in Washington DC

The Home Buyers has a proven track record of buying as-is houses in the United States. You no longer need to build your website because we are serious in buying your property.

All you need is to send us your home details, we will check it, and get back to your for the quote- fast and simple.

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4 Types of Video Tours that Sell A House

Virtual tour is the trend in real estate today. From newspaper ads, website listings, and open houses, estate agents and home sellers are now taking advantage of the virtual space to get more reach through creating interactive content like a video tour.

The Importance of Virtual Tour in Selling Your Home

According to John Passerini, video tours are already being used since 2015 as it is a great tool for sellers to market their home and a perk for busy homebuyers.

Eighty-five percent of buyers watch video tours online. Without leaving your home, you can see exactly the house’s appearance inside and out. All you need is a working laptop, the internet, and the virtual space. Just with the convenience it brings, there’s no wonder why sellers are shifting from the conventional marketing to its digital counterpart.

In general, since it becomes one of estate agent’s tools, it has proven to generate more inquiries that lead to the faster sale of your home.

Hence, as a home seller, you have to tap the power of virtual tours to sell your house fast at a premium price.

4 Types of Video Tours

If you are now considering virtual tours for your listing, here are 4 types of videos you may use.

1. Traditional Video

Traditional video, among others, is the most affordable type of virtual tour sellers can use. While it does not include any fancy manipulation like 3D videos, it gives emphasis of the home’s features backed with your story or narration. This is so personal that it captures prospects.

Apart from home tours, traditional video works for agent profiles, market reports, and neighborhood features.

2. DIY Video

A do-it-yourself home tour is a cost-efficient alternative of professionally-produced videos. You can capture and record the home’s features using your Smartphone and use free video tour editing software like Windows Movie Maker to produce a tour.

It’s an advantage if you do video editing but if not, a simple video production can suffice as long as it shows your house’s flair.

3. Professionally Produced Video

Professional production crew is available for hire at a price so you are sure to get a home tour video complete with lighting, drone shots, and angle views.

Some home sellers, who lack experience and time, but have the budget, purchase the service of a professional video producer. While could give an edge to be seen by more eyes, it could cost you thousand bucks.

The good news is you can reach out to cinematographers or film students looking to build their name in the industry. They are affordable and effective than big video production companies.

4. Hi-Tech Interactive Video

Fully interactive 3D models and visualizations make it easier for buyers to see your home anytime, anywhere as if they are in an actual open house.

Compared to a traditional video that walks you through the house, interactive videos can provide you the ability to visit areas you want to check first or last. With the help of your computer mouse, it is easy to navigate directions and tour around the home.

Hi-Tech interactive videos can render 3D videos for unfinished homes and even capture breathtaking sceneries surrounding the property with a drone.
While the interactivity is appealing, it costs around $3000 upwards.

Real estate video tours put your property in advantage because more people are in love with visuals than ever. And sharing it across the web- on your listing page, website, and social media pages can gain it more visibility and reach, not just within your neighborhood, but the entire World Wide Web.

On the flip side, if you don’t have the time and budget to create any of these video tours, the Home Buyers can help you!

We Buy Houses Anytime, Anywhere!

The Home Buyers buy houses in Washington DC, Maryland, Delaware and the surrounding communities. You don’t have to spend tons of cash and countless of hours for creating a video tour because all you have to do is send us your details and we will respond to you with a fair and square quote in 15 minutes- simple!

Feel free to send your home details via our contact form. Contact the Home Buyers today.