6 Important Home Selling Factors Commonly Overlooked by Home Sellers

Home selling is crucial and demanding. As a home seller, prepare for the extra time and immense effort you have to exert from start to finish. There are also too many requirements to accomplish. Thus, you have to be meticulous to get things right and organized from the day you decided to open a sale until you have luckily closed the deal.

However, with the overwhelming requirements, some things just fall between the cracks and these missing pieces can mess up the entire home selling.

In order to take the pieces of home selling into a cohesive shape, we listed down six of the commonly overlooked activities homeowners should give keen attention to.

7 Important Home Selling Factors Commonly Overlooked by Home Sellers1.Listing Your Business

Ninety percent of home buyers scour the internet to find houses for sale within their desired area, let say Washington DC. Therefore, listing your home for sale on Google map is a wise decision. There are a handful of sites to list your property but it’s best to sign up on pages with a huge traffic and high engagement.

Your online listing should also detail the basic information like the price, the number of rooms, floor area, and amenities of your house for sale.

Ultimately, Google Map’s street view should exactly point to where your house is. People heavily depend on Google Maps nowadays so better check it thrice.

7 Important Home Selling Factors Commonly Overlooked by Home Sellers2. Cleaning All the Mess

Deep clean not only your house’s curb and interior but also as your ovens, refrigerators, dishwasher, and closets because buyers are good at scrutinizing your home.

Cab webs and creepy crawlies might be hiding inside your appliances so clean them before your prospects poke around each.

Hire someone who can do the work if you are no longer capable. How much you spent on the deep cleaning will definitely come back twice, thrice, or more, faster than you expected.

Tidy houses attract buyers.

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7 Important Home Selling Factors Commonly Overlooked by Home Sellers3. Preparing a Disclosure

As a home seller, you are obliged to make a list of your property’s problems and developments. This may include water leaks, fires, floods, and similar circumstances.

Ensure that whatever you have listed in the seller disclosure is true and accurate any concealment will still be revealed once your buyer runs their inspection.

By doing so, you are safe from a possible lawsuit that may come after the sale.

List down in details both the major and minor problems and development in your house for safer, easier and faster transaction.

7 Important Home Selling Factors Commonly Overlooked by Home Sellers4. Finding the Right Real Estate Agent

A good real estate agent brings you sales, not the other way round— loss. While there are many estate agents in your area, take extra steps to find the best person to assist and represent you during the home selling.

Therefore, ask for recommendations from friends and families and reach out to references your prospect agent has provided.

A professional agent will be happy to give you access to their references. While this may entail additional time, interviewing past clients can exactly tell who are you going to work with.

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7 Important Home Selling Factors Commonly Overlooked by Home Sellers5. Arranging a Social Media Marketing Plan

Apart from playing with the traditional marketing to sell your house, using social media to market your home is proven to increase the chances of selling your house fast.

You worked hard to spruce up your house. Market it through Facebook or Twitter to spread the word out and display photo galleries, video tours, and floor plans.

By doing this, your post gets wider coverage and visibility, not just within your area but also on neighboring cities.

7 Important Home Selling Factors Commonly Overlooked by Home Sellers6. Taking Notes of the “Not for Sale” Items

You want your house to be picturesque so you staged it to perfection. Buyers, without a doubt, will fell in love with everything including the big chandelier and comfy sofa.

But this begins the confusion of which is what.

Specify the items included in the sale and label those that are not to make things clear for your prospects. It will save you from further perplexity throughout the home selling.

Take note of the above to avoid inconvenience and to ensure seamless home selling procedure. On the other hand, you can connect with the Home Buyers to steer clear away from difficulties of selling a home.

We Buy Ugly Houses in Washington DC

We at the Home Buyers is dedicated to helping home sellers sell their house fast no matter what it looks like. You don’t have to search for a real estate agent, list your home online, or even declutter and clean. We buy houses as-is!

Let’s chat for more details. Send us your details and we will get in touch with you shortly!

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7 Annoyances Home Buyers Do During an Open House

Open house is an effective strategy to market your home. And in order to convert your visitors into serious buyers, your home should be pristine, neat, and accommodating. So, it’s necessary to keep your house in its best shape before visitors come in.

If you are about to hold a showing soon, we’ve listed here 7 pain-points that you should expect before, after, or during the day, and prepare for them.

1. Last Minute Cancellation or No-Show

You have spent the whole day cleaning and dusting your home and you are certain that the buyers will love your house at their first sight. Then you receive a text message saying that they can’t come anymore. Worst is they didn’t show up at all— not text, no call. Urg!

This upsets most home buyer but the fact is it happens all the time. As early as now, expect reschedules and surprised cancellations of the showing.

In case some buyers happen to cancel without any word. Let you or your agent reach out to know the reason or if they will still be coming back.

2. Surprise Visit

On the other hand, without giving any heads up, the buyer wants to see the house— now!

You are not ready. The toys were scattered. The laundry’s sitting on the couch. The house just looks messy.

You can’t say no!

So, get up, pick up the pieces, and toss it in your Rubbermaid. No one won’t bother checking.

Last minute showing or surprise visit is also a common scenario in home selling, just like cancellation and reschedule. And as a home buyer who wants to sell fast, your house needs to show up as pleasing as possible anytime any day.

3. Messy Stuff

You left your home organized and clean but when you come back, seem a chaos just had happened. The buyers felt so comfortable in your space that they mess your stuff as if it’s their own.

You have nothing to do but clean it again and again and again.

4. Damages

Not just that, more than the disarranged chairs, you will be surprised by the damages after these people visited your area.

One of the appliances is no longer working, shattered window glasses or anything that you left in good condition is now inutile.

In such instances, it’s best to keep your homeowner’s insurance updated.

5. Items Missing

Holding an open house is somehow risky. You don’t know who are coming in and out of your home. Do they really intend to see your house if it’s worth a purchase? Or someone is just peeking for valuable items.

In order to avoid loss, keep your valuables away from your visitor’s sight and store them in safety. Small items like jewelry and figurines that can easily be hidden in the pocket should be removed from display.

While you can delegate your agent or someone generous from the family members to watch your visitors, you can’t still keep an eye to everyone. So, better safe keep your valuables from itchy hands.

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6. Goodbye Pets

Your puppy is so cute and you really love this huggable little creature. However, not everyone loves pets just like you do. And you don’t know if your puppy loves them, too.

During the showing, you need to get your pets out of the house. This doesn’t mean tying them in one of the corners but you have to keep them out of your premises, literally.

Your prospects will be more confident to stroll in your home. And it’s easier for them to make a decision without a dog barking in the background.

So, bring your pet to a walk, treat him for a haircut, or ask your sister to nurse your puppy just for the duration of the showing.

It won’t take too long, so bare with it.

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7. Irresponsible Buyers

As a homeowner, you have to give space for the buyers and your real estate agent to experience and see every corner and feature of your home. According to studies, they tend to be more confident and at ease in their decision when owners are not around, so, leave the premises.

But before you leave, advise your agent to close the lights, unplug the wires, and lock the door as soon as the showing is done. It’s also best to post signs and reminders in the prominent area so they won’t forget it.

No one would want to come home with all lights on and doors opened for several hours.

Open house is proven to create hype among interested buyers and closes a deal fast. However, you also have to deal with these annoyances. In fact, it’s part and parcel of the package of home selling so bare with it.

However, if you can’t stand strangers come and go your premises, consider selling your home to The Home Buyers.

We Buy Houses for Cash and Fast

We are dedicated to helping home sellers sell their house fast in Washington DC or anywhere in the US. If you don’t want people to trespass your house or experience the hassle of an open house, The Home Buyers offers the perfect help.

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5 Hidden Costs of Downsizing Your Home

Homeowners opt to downsize for varied reasons. Along with retirement and empty nesting, having ample savings is one of the most common.

Yes, downsizing can save you big bucks, only if you did it right. On the flip side, if not carefully done could cost big, too.

Make sure to plan for your big move towards a humble and simpler life. To help you, we’ve listed here five nasty expenses that might drain or steal your savings, so better watch out.

The Home Buyers Federal and State Capital-Gains Taxes.1. Federal and State Capital-Gains Taxes

As a home seller, it is your obligation to pay the capital gain taxes. This expense is commonly neglected, wherein fact should be given a serious attention because it cuts a big portion from your profit.

The IRS has a calculation to derive the capital gains but it’s best to check with your tax adviser to know in advance how much the Federal will cut from your net profit.

Usually, married couples filing jointly can save $500,000 while singles can save as much as $250,000.

It’s also worth taking note that you will pay tax for a new property, in case you buy one. But, if you are a retiree, you’ll likely get a senior discount. Ask your advisor to know if you are qualified for the price cut.

The Home Buyers Maintenance2. Maintenance

There could be a lot of legwork to do to spruce up your house. But this is something you need to deal with if you want to sell your house fast at utmost value.

So before you put your house out in the market, it’s necessary to make repairs and improvements. Take a stroll in your home and check for areas that need a cosmetic makeover. Then, assess if you can do DIY improvements or you need to hire a professional to do the job.

Just like perking up the home’s interior, working on your curb appeal is equally important. A welcoming curb attracts more buyers so, upgrade the front door, light fixtures, mailbox, and landscape to make it more appealing.

However, in some cases, homeowners skip the landscaping because it’s a big and tedious task. And for retirees, they don’t have the oomph to do it anymore. But, if you skip this step, you are letting the big bucks slip over your hands because according to Virginia Tech, a beautiful landscaping can augment your house’s worth by 12%.

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The Home buyers Relocation3. Relocation

Relocation can be a pain, not only in the ass but also in the pocket. Hiring a professional mover can cost as much as $13,000. So make your move strategic to limit the expenses.

Summer is when the relocation rush comes in. And along with this rush is a surge in pricing for movers. Therefore, relocating on summer is not advisable.

Instead, plan your transfer during winter or midmonth, when people are still occupied with other personal stuff and the request is seldom.

Request a quotation from at least 3 different companies to choose which has the best offer. And this gives you an overview of who provides an insurance coverage for fragile items.

A local relocation is charged by hours. So secure and prepare all your assets in a box beforehand for a seamless transfer. The fewer questions ask, the faster the transport is.

On the other hand, if you are off to a long distance move, make sure to declutter. This will shave costs since this type of move charged based on weight.

Good thing if your friends and family are willing to help, but if there’s none, it’s best to consider paying for a relocation service.

The Home Buyers Storage4. Storage

For some homeowners, parting with their properties is easier said than done. As a result, they pay for a storage space to accommodate their assets. However, in a long run, could cost you a lot.

When you want to downsize, take only the things you can’t live without. Get rid of the items that will just clutter your new space. Save it for new mementos.

Cut down your belongings through a garage sale, send them as a donation, or give them to family and friends.

The more simplified you are, the better. Moreover, the less you spend for movers.

The Home Buyers living expenses5. Living Expenses

Expenses are incurred not only before you downsize but also after you have relocated. So, prepare for your new living expenses.

Homeowner association charged fixed, which makes it is easier to budget, while other living expenses will just knock on the door without you knowing.

Get a feel of your new community. Visit supermarkets, shopping centers, and restaurants. And if you have friends living in the place, it’s best to ask them.

These are only a few of the nasty expenses you need to take care of when downsizing. But whatever your reasons for downsizing are, ensure to cut your expenses to leave savings for your future needs.

But if you don’t want to spend time, effort, and money for this big change, you can sell your house fast to The Home Buyers.

We Buy Houses fast in Washington DC to Help You Downsize Fast

Downsizing should not be a tedious work and you should not throw your money out of the window for a simple lifestyle. Instead, enjoy your new life in your humble home with ample savings in the pocket.

How? Sell us your house!

We buy houses in Washington DC or anywhere in the US in just a week or less. You don’t need to spruce up your home because it doesn’t matter anyway. And, we don’t mind if it is old, ugly, or needs a total renovation, because we buy houses as-is.

Send us your home details so we can send you a fair and square quote as soon as possible.

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How Much Will I Spend to Sell My House

Home selling is a huge financial transaction and you have to prepare your pocket for expenses that seem unnecessary but are actually indispensable for you to seal a deal immediately.

Most home sellers are really after the revenue. As a result, they tend to abandon the process and forgot about the expenses allied in home selling. Others also get puzzled when they need to spend for what they so-called hidden charges.

Don’t get surprised by the fact that you need to shell out cash. It’s normal. Now, the big question is how much?

Home prices vary. Laws and customs work differently in each state. Generally, these are where portions of your money will go when selling your house.

How Much Will I Spend to Sell My House1. Estate Agent’s Commission

Most home sellers, especially first-timers, opt to hire a professional real estate agent to do the legwork. Of course, this isn’t free. You have to pay the guy who has done the heavyweight tasks in order for your house to sell fast. And typically, it would cost 5% to 6% of the total home’s sale. That’s huge.

However, the good news is you can still negotiate down the price since competition is high for estate agents.

Moreover, you are not compelled to hire a professional agent so you could save you a lot. But this will demand your time and effort to accomplish tasks that supposedly his responsibilities.

Or, you can deal with a cash home buyer to buy your house as-is. The choice is yours.

How Much Will I Spend to Sell My House2. Taxes and Neighborhood Fees

If you’re a member of a homeowner’s association, you are required to pay for the HOA fees. But if you already prepaid your obligation, it’s possible that you’ll get a rebate at the closing.

The transfer of property title could also cost you 0.01% to 2% of the total home sale. Moreover, you can also be charged with capital gains taxes if you earn profit from the sale. On the flip side, if your profit is less than $250,000 for single and $500, 000 for married couples, you will be free from government levy.

How Much Will I Spend to Sell My House3. Home Warranty

You would also pay $300 to $500 if you want to get a home warranty. This warranty secures your home repair and replacement and this is one good way attract more prospects to sell your house fast.

The warranty is renewable yearly for additional fees.

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How Much Will I Spend to Sell My House4. Title Insurance

Title insurance is under buyer’s responsibility but there are cases that sellers are obligated to pay for it.

The insurance protects buyers if there are home title issues and ownership problems, which will cost you around $500 to $1000.

How Much Will I Spend to Sell My House5. Closing Costs

Closing costs, which is the sum of the appraisal cost, mortgage fee, and other professional services, can cut 2% to 5% of the home’s sale.

This is actually a buyer’s obligation but during buyer’s market, some sellers take the responsibility for a seamless and sweet deal.

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Prepare yourself for these fees before you sell your house so won’t get surprised of the additional charges that might drain your pocket.

Do your research and ask someone who has sold a house. Learn from their regrets, failures, and success stories. Doing so will help you save more and leave ample money on the table.

But, if you want to avoid these fees, you can contact The Home Buyers.

We Buy Houses for Cash, Hassle- Free and no Hidden Fees

We know how hard it is to sell a house but it is more difficult when you have to pay double just to sell it. It’s really disappointing.

But if you sell your house to The Home Buyers, you’ll never fret about additional charges because we buy houses as-is. You don’t have to spend a single penny.

Send us your home details, we’ll send you our quote, and let’s close the deal in just 7 days.

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Sell Your House Fast: How to Use Twitter for Real Estate

I guess, you have heard about Twitter and you already have an up and running account. If none yet, get out of the dark cave and start understanding the benefits of using social media like Twitter.

Twitter is continuously growing since its inception in 2006 and apart from being a social media platform to engage and interact with your friends and family; it has become a haven for marketers and businesses to build their network.

And, it’s gradually taking a step forward to help real estate and home sellers to sell their house fast. So if you are struggling to sell your house fast in Washington DC or anywhere in the world, here are steps to guide you to get started in using Twitter for Real estate.

Twitter for Real Estate Marketing1. Setup Your Account

This is no brainer. You have to set up your Twitter account so you can begin taking advantage of its helpful benefits. Give your profile a personality and build a brand voice you want your followers to perceive you.  One way is to use a pleasing photo and create an about section that explicitly describes you as a home seller.

If you are not sure how to get started with Twitter, here’s a quick guide to creating your account. It’s as simple as creating your Facebook for real estate marketing.

But if you have already set up your account then proceed.

Twitter for Real Estate Marketing2. Follow Relevant People

It’s important that you follow people with similar interests to yours. You don’t want to be reading Twitter posts that aren’t of good use.

As a home seller, who wants to sell a home fast in Washington DC, it would be ideal if you follow your prospects. Examples are real estate agents, investors, cash home buyers, or just people who are planning to buy houses in Washington area.

Your target market is just lurking on Twitter. You just have to find and connect with them.

Tools like Google Search, Listorious, and Followerwonk will make your search way easier.

Twitter for Real Estate Marketing3. Understand Twitter Community

Twitter is huge and it has over 20 million users to date. You have to learn and grasp its tricks to survive the competition.

The most common strategy that makes Twitter unique of its kind is the use of hashtags (#). Hashtags make it simpler for you to find relevant groups, discussions, and even make your post noticeable for other users.

#RealEstate and #HouseforSale are only two of the many tags you can use to make your posts searchable to those who are planning to buy a house. You can even localize your term by using a hashtag of your place or country of origin. For an instance, #WashingtonDC.

Through hashtags, you’ll also be able to find prospects that might be interested buying your property.

Be creative in using this Twitter feature. Tools like Hastagify can give you ample ideas of the most used and relevant terms based on your main keyword.

Twitter for Real Estate Marketing4. Keep Your Profile Updated

Of course, your Twitter profile won’t be complete without your Tweets.

Tweets are only composed of 140 characters so make your posts short, sweet, and striking. It’s also advisable to update your profile regularly. But ensure that everything you published is worth checking and relevant to your community.

However, avoid being too promotional because Twitter hates that and users can even smell advertising from afar.

Your updates may include a combination of the following:

– Photos of your house for sale with a description, contact details, and a link to your own website.

– Retweets of other people’s post

– Questions that may provoke engagement

– Schedule of open house

– Visual content like video and gif that highlight your house’s features

These are only a handful of what you can post on Twitter but one thing to keep in mind is not to spam your profile because it no longer appears genuine. And focus on the goal of finding more prospects that might get interested in your property through this huge social network.

Twitter has helped businesses make more leads. So there’s also a 100% chance that it will help you sell your house fast. But if you want to sell it faster and in cash, The Home Buyers is a perfect alternative.

We Buy Houses For Cash Anywhere in Washington DC, Maryland and Delaware

With extensive knowledge of the real estate industry and the market we cater, we, The Home Buyers, know exactly what our clients need and want. We have built a solid reputation over the years of buying houses for cash in DC, Delaware, and Maryland. And we want to extend our help to you, as well.

Send us your house details so we can do our work and send you a fair and square quote as soon as possible. If you agree, which we believe you will, we assure to close the deal in just 7-days or less.

Feel free to contact The Home Buyers today.

5 Ways to Sell Your House Fast with Facebook Marketing

Facebook has been a useful platform to promote and market any types of businesses including real estate. Most homeowners, who use Facebook as a marketing tool, agree that they were able to close a deal much faster than in the use of traditional methods.

So to those who are selling their house in Washington DC or anywhere in the United States, here are basic ways to implement Facebook marketing so you can sell your home fast.

Facebook Marketing in Real Estate1. Understand Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a huge channel with over billions of daily users. You don’t want to get your real estate advertisements buried under millions of random ads getting posted in a span of a second. Therefore, it is important that you understand Facebook and its changing algorithm.

You can either hire a professional estate agent, who have the grasp of Facebook and uses the medium regularly. Or you can learn it yourself, find online resources and tutorials, and experiment every area of Facebook until you finally grasp the idea of this strategy.

Facebook Marketing in Real Estate2. Upload Quality Photos and Videos of your House

People only remember 20% of information they read and 80% they see. Meaning, images and other types visual designs are more relatable for users, for instance, your house’s photos and videographs.

So, posting photos and images of your home on Facebook can improve reach and engagement. Not to mention the trust and interest you can get from possible buyers.

Take high-quality photos that show your house’s best features. You can also use Facebook Live to walk potential buyers in your house without the need for you to schedule an open house. Moreover, utilize drone photographs and videos to highlight nearby amenities and magnificent views.

Facebook Marketing in Real Estate3. Update Your Page Regularly

With millions of Facebook users posting every second, your posts might get covered and buried in Facebook’s active yet cluttered environment. Even a hundred dollar worth post can get drown in the tide so updating your status daily is necessary.

Two to three updates a day is ideal so your prospects won’t get lost when they view your profile.

And make sure to post the property’s details and your contact information for buyers to easily reach you out.

Facebook Marketing in Real Estate4. Connect and Engage

You can also join Facebook groups that are interested in real estate. So if you are in Washington DC, you can search for groups that are geographically located in Washington DC. Play around Facebook’s features and you’ll get surprised how comprehensive and useful it is.

Once you are joined, interact with members inside and post your house for sale. However, don’t spam the group as you will be immediately kicked out.

You can also ask friends and families to share your posts on their walls. This way, you can reach more people that are beyond your circle.

Facebook Marketing in Real Estate5. Purchase Facebook Ads

If you have enough budget to purchase Facebook advertisements, do so. With just $5 a day, you can target specific people when done right.

With Facebook Ads, you don’t only showcase your house for sale within your network but beyond the area where you set your specific target. This Facebook feature allows you to choose your criteria including age, gender, location, workplace, education, interests, and more.

Many FSBO have attested that Facebook Ads have helped them advertise their home, which drives more interested buyers to send an offer and buy their house in Washington DC in less than a month.

Facebook marketing is a pleasing and affordable way to market your home anywhere you are. It only takes courage and a little self- study to make the best out of it. However, if you don’t have the time to allocate for any kind of marketing including Facebook advertisements, you can directly sell your house to The Home Buyers.

We Buy Houses in Washington DC and Nearby Communities

The Home Buyers buy houses anywhere in Washington DC, Delaware, and Maryland. We buy houses faster than what Facebook marketing can do. We have closed deals for several houses in just a span of a week or two.

All we need is your property’s details so we can make a better and fair deal.

Send us your house’s details. We are waiting for it!

Benefits of Using Social Media to Sell Your House

Major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest has finally gone beyond their primary intention of connecting individuals of different time zones and locations to reaching out groups of people to create businesses of all kinds.

Today, social media has been a helpful platform for real estate agents and home sellers to sell their house. Especially when done right, results in a speedy sale of the property.

So why start social media marketing? Here are few of the best benefits.

Social Media Marketing.1. It’s Free

Creating a social media profile is free. You don’t have to pay for anything unless you want it at a premium. But upgrading to a premium subscription and using its advertisement features won’t cost you a fortune as long as you implemented a proper marketing strategy that would help you target wider and better.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linked are the most common social media platforms to consider. You can make pages, join groups, and interact with people of your specific target without spending money for a travel or a long distance call.

Moreover, you can easily get information of your market with proper research. You no longer need to pay for a service just to do this because you can do it.

Social Media Marketing Fast.2. Spreads Information Fast

Social media marketing helps spread the word out fast. This is true to all kinds of businesses including real estate. Therefore, the chance of selling your home is also quick. The more people your reach out, the more interested and serious buyer you might get.

You can also tap your friends and relatives. A share of your FB post can get a long way without spending a cent.

Moreover, it’s easier to show people your property by sending them the link to your post. Make sure you add quality images or even a video of your house for sale so they can see the actual home and its features.

And once they liked it, you can set them an appointment for a showing.

Social Media Marketing Free.3. Reaches Out to Possible Buyers

The widespread the information about your house for sale in Washington DC, the more buyers you will get to in touch with, not only within your neighborhood but also immigrants, retirees, or anyone who wants to relocate from one state to another.

Remember that anyone across the globe can see your post. So make sure you execute proper marketing on specific platforms. For an instance, use the proper hashtag on Twitter, collaborate with the right group boards on Pinterest, join relevant groups on Facebook, or reach out to the right people on LinkedIn.

There are different strategies for each platform that when done right can gradually increase your inquiries until you find a buyer.

Social Media Marketing Accessible.4. Accessible Anytime Anywhere

Online and offline marketing should be executed with equal effort and dedication. And, social media marketing will never be a burden because you can do it at your own comforts and means.

Whether you are in your office or just sitting at the comforts of your sofa, promoting your home online is accessible and easy. And it is easier to respond to inquiries and contact prospects since you can access it through your phone.

There are different marketing strategies you can implement in real estate and social media marketing has proven effective in selling your house fast for a variety of reasons. So if you are really serious about selling your home fast, utilizing social media is a good way to jumpstart.

Unless if you are real busy and don’t have time to do any marketing, The Home Buyers can be of big help.

We Buy Houses in Washington DC fast!

Social media marketing could help you sell your house quick but we can buy your house faster in just a span of a week or less. We have been in the industry for quite some time and have bought houses of all types in less than a month.

Feel free to send your details so we can contact you as soon as possible and close a deal with you within a week or less.

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What is Curb Appeal? 10 Budget Curb Appeal Ideas That Will Sell Your House Fast

The success of your house’s sale depends on many different factors and it includes your property’s physical attribute, one of which is the curb appeal.

The house’s curb appeal can actually make or break a sale as it creates a lasting first impression from prospect buyers. Since your curb is the initial scene your buyers see during their visit, do a makeover that will turn your buyer’s first glance into a gaze.

Cheap Curb Appeal Ideas

These budget- friendly curb appeal ideas are worth implementing to all types of home whether it is a ranch style home, flat front house, brick homes, or one that has a small front yard.

What is Curb Appeal? 10 Budget Curb Appeal Ideas That Will Sell Your House Fast1. Upgrade the Main Door

Your main door tells huge about the homeowner or the family behind it. Work on improving your door’s appeal by coating it with a welcoming paint color that invites buyer’s to see the inside.

But if requires replacement or repair, never hesitate to do so. Replace your door and its hardware. Rusty knob and tarnished fixtures, even are just small pieces of your front door, can affect buyer’s decision.

What is Curb Appeal? 10 Budget Curb Appeal Ideas That Will Sell Your House Fast2. Neat and Tidy Yard

A neat and clean yard can speed up the chance of a sale. Tidy it up before your prospects visit. Spruce up the exterior because the outside appeal can either direct to or away buyers from pursuing your home.

Most buyers would initially drive around the house to have a feel of it before they set an appointment. But if they see an untidy yard, with dog poops, scattered garbage, and other gross elements spread around, possibly they will never mind to give you a ring.

Moreover, make sure you clean the grime and dirt that have accrued over the years.

What is Curb Appeal? 10 Budget Curb Appeal Ideas That Will Sell Your House Fast3. Do the Touch-Up

While there’s no need for a house repaint, painting your house with new vibrant and contrasting color can brace up the ambiance.

This can attract more eyes when you posted your home’s photo online or can even entice passerby’s to knock on your door to see what’s awaiting them inside.

What is Curb Appeal? 10 Budget Curb Appeal Ideas That Will Sell Your House Fast4. Clean or Refurbish the Roof

Home buyers are particular in buying a home with a roof that is still in a good shape. Therefore, revamp it when necessary.

Spend time to clean the leaves, pine needles, dirt, and rust that have accumulated over the years. But if there’s a big need for a repair or replacement, contact your nearest roof specialist to fix the issue before buyer’s see it.

What is Curb Appeal? 10 Budget Curb Appeal Ideas That Will Sell Your House Fast5. Clear the Foliage

Trim foliages, shrubs, and branches as it makes your home bleak and they serve as passes for rats and insects to get under your siding. Besides, it obscures clear sight to your house in case interested buyers want to see it from the driveway.

Moreover, bushes and hedges also limit the entry of natural light, which is a major factor for a beautiful and welcoming home interior.

So before you list it online or invite prospects for an open house, tame the foliage that covers the window. Doing this may result in more inquiries and possible sale.

What is Curb Appeal? 10 Budget Curb Appeal Ideas That Will Sell Your House Fast6. Plant Greens and Flowers

A grass-covered yard is pleasing to the eyes. So, plant more greens and flowers a week or two before a scheduled showing so it doesn’t look contrived.

Flowers add vibrancy and life so once your visitor enters your perimeter, they will be welcomed with pretty and colorful blossoms, which creates a good and positive impression.

If you don’t have a big lawn, flower boxes or hanging baskets are good replacements.

What is Curb Appeal? 10 Budget Curb Appeal Ideas That Will Sell Your House Fast7. Replace the Lights

Most buyers visit during the day. Despite that, it’s still best to invest on light fixtures. Your garage or street light might need replacing, check them before it’s too late.

And take note that not all buyers visit in the morning. Some will surprise you during the dusk, after their working hours. A working exterior light implies security and safety for your visitors as it minimizes dark spot in your area.

Moreover, you can use it to emphasize beautiful fixtures and landscaping.

What is Curb Appeal? 10 Budget Curb Appeal Ideas That Will Sell Your House Fast8. Prettify the Mailbox

You might have neglected your mailbox for quite some time and it might look dirty and rotten now.

But if you are to sell your house in Washington DC, it is ideal to rebuild, repaint, and restore it. A friendly-looking mailbox gives an instant good sense of the over-all property.

Find a style that matches your home. While this is a small and almost ignored feature, it deserves a fix.

You’ll be happy you did.

What is Curb Appeal? 10 Budget Curb Appeal Ideas That Will Sell Your House Fast9. Install Borders Along the Driveway

Use stone, bricks, or pavers to create a stylish edging for your driveway. It aesthetically adds appeal and elegance to your home, making it more organized and tidy.

Sprucing your house for sale does not only require the interior preparation but as well as the exterior’s makeover. Make your curb appealing to your prospects and to anyone who sees it by following our simple and budget-friendly tips.

If you are selling your house in Washington DC or surrounding communities, never forget on working your curb appeal. But if you no longer want to spend time, money, and effort on revamping your home, you have the option to sell it as is. Therefore, contact The Home Buyers.

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7 Blatant Signs a Home Buyer Will Not Buy Your House

You’re fortunate if you met a buyer who can seal a deal for your house just a week after you have listed it. Although there are still a bunch them, they seldom come. Otherwise, you’ll get to bump with different types of home buyers, who get easily wowed and excited, instantly turned impassive, and turned away from your home without a word.

To avoid getting caught up, we listed here 7 obvious signs your home buyer is not really after buying your house.

7 Blatant Signs a Home Buyer Will Not Buy Your House in sell your house in Delaware1. The Buyer Doesn’t Have a Real Estate Agent

A buyer, who shops on their own, is not your next homeowner. Real estate agents are getting paid by home sellers to find prospects and possible buyers. Therefore, this is a free service for home buyers to take advantage.

Estate agent’s fees and commissions are covered by the seller’s expenses so there’s no way for a prospect not to solicit a free expert help.  Moreover, almost 90% of buyers bought their houses with the assistance of a real estate agent. The number says it all.

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7 Blatant Signs a Home Buyer Will Not Buy Your House in sell your house in Delaware2. Just Started Scouting for Properties

Home buyers, who just began their search, will less likely to seal the deal. Unless if they find your home the most practical choice among their options. If your prospect just started scouting, let say a week or less after you have listed your home, chances are they will eye for more properties nearby.

Therefore, these buyers will not push through the purchase after they have checked and visited houses for sale in the neighborhood. And normally, this activity lasts an average of three months or so.

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7 Blatant Signs a Home Buyer Will Not Buy Your House in sell your house in Delaware3. Not Pre- approved for a Mortgage

A serious home buyer will primarily discuss with a lender the amount she is allowed to finance her purchase. This document is important and will be presented upon submission of an offer. Simple and clear, a shopper without this document cannot shop your house.

Except if she will buy your house in Washington DC for cash.

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7 Blatant Signs a Home Buyer Will Not Buy Your House in sell your house in Delaware4. Made a Quick Visit, No Questions Asked

Someone, who comes to your home for a quick sneak, usually doesn’t end up signing the closing deal. While open houses are a good way to market your house, it doesn’t guarantee that the next home buyer comes from the showing.

A rush visit implies lack of sincerity. And not asking questions shows less interest. While this is not true to most cases, it commonly happens.

A buyer, who is really after buying a house, will search the web, find contact details, and will set a schedule for their private viewing. This action has more weight than the other.

7 Blatant Signs a Home Buyer Will Not Buy Your House in sell your house in Delaware5. Promises, Promises, Promises.

This type of buyer has been anywhere in the world and estate agents know them well. They love your house, yes they do. But they cannot send you an offer for a certain reason— they are on a hook with other properties, too.

So before they send their offer, this buyer are still looking for other properties and weighing in if yours is worth a purchase.

7 Blatant Signs a Home Buyer Will Not Buy Your House in sell your house in Delaware6. Unreasonably Low Ball Offer

A buyer, who is eager to seal a deal, will gamble their best offer to take your property. But if you came across to a low ball offer, then surely he’s not the right one.

While low-ball offers can still be flipped around to a possible sale, chances are, these came from buyers who are not really serious about buying your house. Get rid of them.

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7 Blatant Signs a Home Buyer Will Not Buy Your House in sell your house in Delaware7. Fault-finding

Accepting an offer doesn’t mean that the buyer is totally after buying your property. They might have found a better deal so they nitpick and requires a repair even the smallest dent their inspector has discovered.

This strategy blatantly shows apathy. And your buyer is perhaps waiting for you to refuse all her requests to give her a reason to back out from the deal.

If you have seen these signs in your home buyers, they probably are not the right persons to deal with. Sooner or later, someone else will see your house’s worth like the way you do. They are just on their way to your home.

But if you are in a rush to sell your house, a cash home buyer can make a deal in just a week without compromising your time and effort.

We Buy Houses in Delaware, Maryland, and Washington DC

The Home Buyers is a cash home buyer from Washington DC with proven track record of honesty and legitimacy. We buy houses in Delaware and its surrounding communities.

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Seller Disclosure Laws: What has to be Disclosed when Selling a House in Washington DC?

Gone are the days of caveat emptor or buyer beware. The United States has imposed a new regulation that requires buyers and sellers to provide a disclosure of their for sale items or properties for the knowledge of both parties.

This new bylaw limits issues and impediments after the transfer. Moreover, buyers can retract from any transaction made once they find out that the sellers are concealing any known facts from their awareness.

So if you are selling a house in Washington DC, vet on the details required by your state so you won’t face a lawsuit after.

To help you, below are the general rules and information you should disclose when selling a house in Washington DC.

Seller Disclosure Laws. We Buy Houses Washington DC1. Latest Repairs and Improvements

Your disclosure should not only present your house’s current physical damages and defects. But it should also provide details of latest upgrades and updates you have completed in your house and the reasons behind the repairs.

These details help the buyers and their home inspector to check and focus on other major issues your house has and the possible damages it may incur overtime.

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Repair history like a landfill, roof, electrical, and plumbing repairs, wall malfunctions, new house paint are only a few of the several key information to reveal in the document.

Seller Disclosure Laws. We Buy Houses Washington DC2. Water Leaks and Damages

Plumbing related issues like roof leaks, flood, and water in the basement must be divulged for the knowledge of possible buyers.

These problems can obviously weaken your property’s structural value, may damage possessions and properties, and could likely cause poor health to the next homeowner.

So these concerns must not be taken lightly but once denied in the disclosure could cost you charges when discovered. Therefore, reveal them in the papers before your buyer ascertains.

Seller Disclosure Laws. We Buy Houses Washington DC3. Natural and Environmental Hazards

Your house might be made of lead paints or asbestos and other toxic waste that may cause a health hazard. If this is the case, make your prospects aware of it before it’s too late as these are noxious and can severely affect your wellbeing.

Moreover, you should also tell them about any environmental contamination caused by the presence of underground pits nearby, mine subsidence, and damages from natural disaster.

Seller Disclosure Laws. We Buy Houses Washington DC4. Death, Murder, or Suicide

Does your house a witness of death or murder? If yes, this matter should be made known to all.

Some states require this circumstance to be disclosed while others don’t. Regardless if it is a requirement or not, it is best to tell your house’s history and the incident that had happened.

Most buyers believe in superstitions so the ideal option is to tell the backstory. Otherwise, someone from the neighborhood will reveal it for you.

Although it could turn a possible sale around, it is the best you can do.

Furthermore, even if you fix the cause of death, for instance, someone was drowned in the pool due to a damaged safety fence; the death should still be unveiled in the disclosure.

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Seller Disclosure Laws. We Buy Houses Washington DC5. Nuisance

You may also want to tell your buyers about possible nuisances that may brazen out within the area. Nuisances such as smoke, stinky smell, and noise pollution may not be favorable and aggravate next occupants.

Also, make sure to disclose military, industrial, and commercial sources within the vicinity so buyer won’t get surprised about these annoyances by the time they relocate.

Other Disclosures in Selling Your House in Washington DC

6. Insect Infestations

7. Location Issue

8. Property Title Problems

9. Sewage Issues

10. Roof Defects and more

A successful sale happens if both buyers and sellers are transparent and honest in making a deal.   Besides, buyers will also do a house inspection so they will still know the defects and damages you are trying to keep.

Hence, whether you are obliged to disclose known facts or not based on your federal regulations, listing small details from a damaged door knob to a major incident like a murder scene can make or break a sale.

However, if you don’t know precisely the house condition because it is just an inheritance from your parents, then you can just detail whatever you know.

But if you want to sell your house in Washington DC as is and don’t want to get bothered by house inspection, repairs, and anything in between, contact The Home Buyers and they will buy your house without concerning about your property’s history and condition.

We Buy Houses in Washington DC, Maryland, and Delaware

We can turn wrecked and old houses into a newly built and beautiful property. If you are in Washington DC, Delaware, and Maryland, and have a house for sale, tell us and we will buy it. While we still want to know the facts about your home, we do not necessarily rely on those details for our purchase.

Regardless of your property’s condition, history, and age, we are always open for collaboration and buy your house in Washington DC in 7 days.

Let us know what you need and want. Contact us at The Home Buyers and we will get back to you shortly after we received your inquiry.