How it Works

Sell House Quickly!

Do you need to sell your property or house quickly? Selling a house quickly is not an easy task. We are here to help you sell a property quickly. We buy houses, apartments and whole buildings. We want selling your property to be easy and hassle free.  We make a cash offer, and can close in as little as one week. We are not waiting for approval from a lender, we have the cash on hand that you need. Our flexibility allows us to work specifically with you and your situation if quick cash is not what you need.

Maybe you want a check or an annual payday for the next 10 years. Want us to take over your existing mortgage? No problem. We can structure payments to reduce your tax burden. No matter your situation, our ultimate goal is to help you in the quickest, hassle free way. We will always offer you a fair deal. We will work with your desired closing date. This is The Home Buyers way.

Sell Property Quickly

We will take any house anywhere in any condition. Call us or email with your address, we buy houses all over the country and can offer you a price on the spot. We’ll save you realtor fees, repair costs, extra holding costs and so much more.

A standard real estate transaction can cost the seller up to 9% of the sales prices. That’s already after all the money you’ve had to put into the property to get it “ready” to sell.

Why waste time, resources and energy when can make you a great offer to buy your house today and allow you to move forward with your life.

Sounds too good to be true right?  It’s not. The home buying market is full of options and selling to a home buying company such as The Home Buyers is a great one. We can help our clients to get on with their lives in the fastest and most convenient way possible. There is no catch.

We have been in this industry for years. Our experienced team has seen a wide variety of situations, and we pride ourselves on our ability to achieve a desirable result for our clients. Our team has worked with thousands of sellers that needed to sell their home or property quickly, and they have been extremely happy with the end result.

Our number one priority at TheHomeBuyers is to make this process easy and stress free. We want each step of our process easy to understand, and we only move forward when you are ready. If you need to sell your house fast, then The Home Buyers is the team for you!

If at anytime we are unable to help you with your home, we’ll reach out to are network of partners and find someone who can help, while still using the same values we at employ.