Sell Your House Fast: How to Use Twitter for Real Estate

I guess, you have heard about Twitter and you already have an up and running account. If none yet, get out of the dark cave and start understanding the benefits of using social media like Twitter.

Twitter is continuously growing since its inception in 2006 and apart from being a social media platform to engage and interact with your friends and family; it has become a haven for marketers and businesses to build their network.

And, it’s gradually taking a step forward to help real estate and home sellers to sell their house fast. So if you are struggling to sell your house fast in Washington DC or anywhere in the world, here are steps to guide you to get started in using Twitter for Real estate.

Twitter for Real Estate Marketing1. Setup Your Account

This is no brainer. You have to set up your Twitter account so you can begin taking advantage of its helpful benefits. Give your profile a personality and build a brand voice you want your followers to perceive you.  One way is to use a pleasing photo and create an about section that explicitly describes you as a home seller.

If you are not sure how to get started with Twitter, here’s a quick guide to creating your account. It’s as simple as creating your Facebook for real estate marketing.

But if you have already set up your account then proceed.

Twitter for Real Estate Marketing2. Follow Relevant People

It’s important that you follow people with similar interests to yours. You don’t want to be reading Twitter posts that aren’t of good use.

As a home seller, who wants to sell a home fast in Washington DC, it would be ideal if you follow your prospects. Examples are real estate agents, investors, cash home buyers, or just people who are planning to buy houses in Washington area.

Your target market is just lurking on Twitter. You just have to find and connect with them.

Tools like Google Search, Listorious, and Followerwonk will make your search way easier.

Twitter for Real Estate Marketing3. Understand Twitter Community

Twitter is huge and it has over 20 million users to date. You have to learn and grasp its tricks to survive the competition.

The most common strategy that makes Twitter unique of its kind is the use of hashtags (#). Hashtags make it simpler for you to find relevant groups, discussions, and even make your post noticeable for other users.

#RealEstate and #HouseforSale are only two of the many tags you can use to make your posts searchable to those who are planning to buy a house. You can even localize your term by using a hashtag of your place or country of origin. For an instance, #WashingtonDC.

Through hashtags, you’ll also be able to find prospects that might be interested buying your property.

Be creative in using this Twitter feature. Tools like Hastagify can give you ample ideas of the most used and relevant terms based on your main keyword.

Twitter for Real Estate Marketing4. Keep Your Profile Updated

Of course, your Twitter profile won’t be complete without your Tweets.

Tweets are only composed of 140 characters so make your posts short, sweet, and striking. It’s also advisable to update your profile regularly. But ensure that everything you published is worth checking and relevant to your community.

However, avoid being too promotional because Twitter hates that and users can even smell advertising from afar.

Your updates may include a combination of the following:

– Photos of your house for sale with a description, contact details, and a link to your own website.

– Retweets of other people’s post

– Questions that may provoke engagement

– Schedule of open house

– Visual content like video and gif that highlight your house’s features

These are only a handful of what you can post on Twitter but one thing to keep in mind is not to spam your profile because it no longer appears genuine. And focus on the goal of finding more prospects that might get interested in your property through this huge social network.

Twitter has helped businesses make more leads. So there’s also a 100% chance that it will help you sell your house fast. But if you want to sell it faster and in cash, The Home Buyers is a perfect alternative.

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