Paint Colors For Home

Selling Your House? Always Choose the Paint Color that Sells!

When it comes to home selling, home improvement should be in the front seat. This includes sprucing up your curb, putting appropriate decors, room staging, and choosing the right blend of colors.

Your choice of paint color can make or break a possible deal so better do your research and paint your wall with the colors that sell

Therefore, you should know these five essential factors in choosing the right paint so you can sell your home fast.

Selling Your House? Always Choose the Perfect Paint Color!1. Undertones

Selecting wall colors can be both fascinating and frustrating.

While you thought you have bought the right paint color, it appears in contrast to what you have visualized when the wall got painted.

This is because you neglected the power of undertone.

Undertone is hardly visible to the naked eyes so you should take a closer look at your paint options to determine exactly the undertone. When in doubt, confirm with the salesperson.

Selling Your House? Always Choose the Perfect Paint Color!2. Lighting

Don’t get easily influenced by the attractive blend of paint colors you see in your friend’s house or on the recent home and lifestyle magazine you’ve read.

While these are good sources of inspiration, you are not guaranteed that it will appear the same on your property.

Always consider lighting.

Sunlight and light from incandescent bulb reflect differently on any time of the day so be careful on your options as it may either excite or disappoint possible buyers.

Selling Your House? Always Choose the Perfect Paint Color!3. Finishes

Semi-gloss and matte finishes may affect how your house appeals to buyers. Both have their own ins and outs and it’s up to you whether what type of finish you want for your home.

Matte finishes are cheaper but less durable compared to glossy finishes.

High gloss is shiny and easier to clean but wall imperfections are obvious.

It’s your choice.

Selling Your House? Always Choose the Perfect Paint Color!4. Furnishings

There are different factors to consider in choosing your paint color and one of the most crucial is your furnishings.

Your wall paint must complement with your furniture’s material and color.

So when buying paint, take in mind the flooring, wallpaper, tiles, cabinets, and other fixtures to maintain consistency all over your home.

This is a no-brainer so better consider these things before you shop for paintings.

Selling Your House? Always Choose the Perfect Paint Color!5. Emotional State

The right color evokes the right emotion. The same way, the wrong color can also evoke the wrong impression.

This is why most home sellers play it safe by painting their homes with neutral colors.

Generally, neutral colors such as beige and white are the most common options. But expert recommends adding tone to give your home appeal and character.

Color really affects buyer’s emotion and you should strictly consider the hue that best suits your home buyer’s preference and personality—not yours!

Selling Your House? Always Choose the Perfect Paint Color!6. Neighborhood

Lastly, always consider the neighborhood when doing an exterior facelift. This does not only make your house looks good from the outside– it also drives more interested buyers to your doorstep.

Your exterior paint should blend the surrounding and must also speak in common with the community.

To those who will be selling their home, take into consideration your house’s color as it influences buyer’s decision. Hence, take in mind the above factors in choosing the perfect color for your home.

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