Effective Room Staging Tips that Proven to Sell Fast

Home staging is an effective marketing strategy that sells a home at a top dollar rate. According to the National Association of Realtors, home buyers are willing to spend more for a well-staged environment than those do not.

You can either hire a professional stager or do the staging yourself. Either way, you can still sell your home at a higher value.

So in order to get the best return from your house for sale, here are home staging tips you would want to consider before you put your home out in the market.

Clean and De-clutter.1. Clean and De-clutter

A clean and organized home drives more prospective buyers.

Clutters make a room look smaller so get rid of it. Make sure the curb is appealing and the interior is tidy so visitors won’t get disappointed when they schedule an open house with you by surprise. You can also purge or donate excess and unused items and furnitur.

Moreover, don’t forget to wipe off dust and remove stains on walls, floors, and even furniture.

Make sure to take a hard look at your home and ask yourself what has to be improved so it will sell faster.

room staging2. Group Your Furniture

Furnishing arrangement can either make your home look spacious or cluttered.  Therefore, you have to group your chairs and tables accordingly and organize them to make your small room appear bigger.

Depending on your floor area, you can either push the furniture to your wall or keep it floating away from it. You can also position your sofas into a cozy conversational arrangement to make your living room more intimate for visitors.

Grouping your furniture will not only make your room more spacious but it also pleases your visitors.

room staging3. Repurpose Your Rooms

If you have an extra room that serves no purpose, why not add value to it. That way, you’re going to give your buyers the impression that each room has value and they can get the best out of their investment.

You can turn a small storage room into a simple home office, a yoga studio, or a meditation room.

Make it clean and add decors that will improve its overall appearance. Perch a small table and chair and add some accessories—you’ll now have a beautiful library desk and a writing table.

room staging4. Repair

Before you put your property out in the market, make sure your house is all set and ready. Unfinished projects should be done and polished before you let visitors come in.

Ongoing repairs could upset visitors, which may also affect their buying decision.

Unrepaired areas like large cracks and damaged doors are red flags. Instead of getting the best price, you’ll instead be welcomed by a lowball offer.

Therefore, repair what needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

room staging5. Choose the Right Color

When staging your home, always consider the paint color.

Your choice of paint color can make a whole lot of difference on your home’s appeal. It can turn an old house into a new and turnkey property and it can even create a good and positive impression with the right complementing color.

Know the color that sells for your home and experiment with a color combination that will best go together with your existing appliances and furniture.

Beige and white are the most common colors used for houses for sale but there’s no limit on your choice as long as it can set a mood that matches your intention.

Staging a home can create a huge difference on its before and after. And you’ll also get surprised by how much your home value increases after you made the improvement.

You don’t need to hire a professional to do the staging because DIY guides and ideas are available on the web. Also, you don’t have to spend much because there are free and thrift finds anywhere.

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