House for Sale in Delaware? Sell your House to Investors

Delaware has become the leading and most ideal state to live in the United States. With its gorgeous beaches and fun active lifestyle offered in coastal communities, families and residents will definitely enjoy these benefits for a lifetime.

Moreover, staying for good at Delaware provides financial freedom as income tax is relatively low and social security incomes have no tax deduction in the States.

Status of Housing Market in Delaware

The above advantages drive more people to live in Delaware. Consequently, homeowners are persuaded to sell their homes to take advantage of the increasing value of houses due to this reason.

According to Delaware Online report, a growing number of construction companies aim to build new homes in Delaware and this causes the surge of home value in the State. Also, home values in Delaware have also improved by 3.3% this year based on the latest Zillow report.

With the increasing population in Delaware brought by reasonable cost of living and low property taxes, your house for sale in Delaware is in a good standing place.

Selling your house in Delaware need not be tough as you can entail several ways to sell it fast. One of which is selling your house to investors. If you have a home for sale in Washington,

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House for sale in Delaware? Sell your House to Investors We buy houses cash

Sell your House to Investors

Your house for sale in Delaware can easily get sold without any hassle if you sell it to home investors. Home investors or cash home buyers offer a wide array of benefits and advantages to home sellers however only a few recognizes it.

Below are advantages of selling your home to cash home buyers.

House for sale in Delaware? Sell your House to Investors We buy houses cash1. Save Yourself from Hefty Commission Fees

Homeowners selling their houses through traditional method need to pay 6% of the house’s total sales to the realtors. This is a huge sum of money.

Dealing with a cash home buyer saves you from hefty charges.  You don’t have to pay a single cent as it is the investor’s obligation to give you upfront payment to settle the legal contract and provide earnest money deposits to solidify the deal.

A home investor won’t ask for payment. If you bumped into one, it’s probably a scam.

House for sale in Delaware? Sell your House to Investors We buy houses cash2. Close the Deal Fast

An investor can seal the deal within seven days, which means you get your money fast and hot. The lengthy process, which usually takes 3 months or even more, can just happen within few days.

You don’t need to wait for your approved financing and home inspection because you can skip these steps and speed up the process if you sell your house to investors.

House for sale in Delaware? Sell your House to Investors We buy houses cash3. Offers Several Payment Options

Whether you want to get the cash in full, through a pre-scheduled payment, or certified funds, home investors are flexible and can comply with your requests.

They can even assume your existing mortgage to avoid your property foreclosure.

House for sale in Delaware? Sell your House to Investors We buy houses cash4. Buy As-Is Houses

You don’t need to make renovations and spend more money for overhauling your house for sale in Delaware because cash home buyers purchase properties of any type and condition.

These investors are not after turnkey houses. They can even buy ugly and derelict houses at reasonable prices. Therefore you get the value your house deserves.

Your house for sale in Delaware won’t stay stall in the market for months and years to come because it can get sold fast in just seven days only if you sell your house to investors.

If you are afraid of dealing with investors because of the belief that most of them are scammers, think not. Here are ways to ensure that your home buyer is legit. It’s also a must that you find a reliable and legit cash home buyer nearby Delaware.

The Home Buyers is a legitimate investor in the United States and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.  We buy houses in any condition whether it’s torn down or not. Most especially, we can close the deal fast and transfer the money on your preferred place and date.

Feel free to contact us to start the first day of our official transaction today.

10 Things You Should Prepare to Sell Your House Fast

Are you ready to sell your home?

If yes, don’t immediately list your property, instead prepare and check for some minor and major repair. These touch-ups can make an approving impression from potential buyers and can close the deal as early as possible.

What Should You Do To Get Your House Ready to Sell?

Although they say that first impression doesn’t last, it still does count especially in selling your house. To make your home stand out and sell it at a fair and competitive rate, you might as well start doing below steps to prepare your house and sell it fast.

10 things to prepare to sell your home fast thehomebuyers.com1. Create an Inviting Front Door

Place your feet in the buyer’s shoes. Stand outside your house and check your front door. Is it welcoming enough to attract home buyers or even the passers-by? Don’t settle for a mediocre entrance as it appears as a reflection of your overall property. Home buyers can make first negative impressions out of it. Remember, it’s the first thing they see when they stop your home.

Paint the door, remove and repair damaged doorknobs, make the decorations simple, and clear the entrance. Doing this can make a big difference.

10 things to prepare to sell your home fast thehomebuyers.com2. Improve the Curb

Don’t just improve your door; make sure to boost the curb appeal. Mow the lawn, clean the gutters, cut the overgrown shrubs, and fix the peeling paints. If you neglect these things, for sure, a number of buyers will walk away from your property. Don’t let it happen.

Instead, clear the walkway and place potted plants to have a cheerful ambiance and unsoiled alley.

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10 things to prepare to sell your home fast thehomebuyers.com3. Clear the Clutter

You have probably accumulated clutter over the years. Make sure to get rid of it. Don’t give your buyers the option to check on these messes than on your gorgeous property.

You can donate, remove, or dispose these kinds of stuff. Find a clean and proper cupboard and closet to store these clutter. One thing that home sellers do is to sell these items on a garage sale to eliminate this unnecessary stuff.

10 things to prepare to sell your home fast thehomebuyers.com4. Clean, Clean, Clean

Before you allow visitors to come in your house, clean everything as possible. A spotless home reflects who you are and how well you manage your home. Tidy even the smallest area in the house.

Dust the fan blades and mantles. Shine the appliances. Remove cobwebs. Polish the mirrors and windows. Deodorize and clean the refrigerator. Vacuum and scrub the tiles. Give attention to these details as it can make or break the sale of your house.

10 things to prepare to sell your home fast thehomebuyers.com5. Get Rid of Unpleasant Odor

Maintain a fresh scent in your home. Never cook bacons a day before the open house as its smell lingers for a while.

Open the windows and let the air eradicate the unpleasant smell. And don’t mask the odor with air fresheners as it may cause allergies to your visitors. A freshly cut flower, a boiled cinnamon, and apples can give an enhanced aroma that your prospect buyers will love.

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10 things to prepare to sell your home fast thehomebuyers.com6. Repaint the Walls

As much as you love your yellow walls, some of your buyers may not like it and can possibly turn them off. Take in mind that you should please the home buyers than yourself so re-paint it with a color that appeals to a larger audience.

White, tan, and other neutral colors with a matte finish are great choices of colors. Buyers will most likely love these hues as they can imagine what they personally want to do it the interior design.

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10 things to prepare to sell your home fast thehomebuyers.com7. Add Simple Decorations

Keep the decorations simple. Allow them to imagine themselves in the house. Remove those artworks, paintings, and posters. Those are sore to the eyes. Simple decorations offer a fresh and cleaner ambiance for your property.

If you have personally decorated your home, might as well remove them. This way, the buyer can clearly foresee themselves if they buy your home.

10 things to prepare to sell your home fast thehomebuyers.com8. Maintain a Natural Lighting

People love natural light, and it is basically on top of the considerations of home buyers in purchasing a property. Make sure that every area in your home has maximum light exposure, making it look more inviting.

You can easily improve the light in your house by replacing the dim and old light bulbs with new and higher wattage, installing additional light fixtures in areas that are predominantly dim, repainting the dark rooms with light-reflecting paints, and pruning vines and trees that cast shadows.

10 things to prepare to sell your home fast thehomebuyers.com9. Repair Damage Facilities

Aside from clean a home, home buyers want a turnkey property. As early as day one, repair all the damage facilities in your house. Be critical and detailed in assessing which and what needs improvement or repair.

Different types of home buyer will visit and sniff over your house, focus on these dents, and take advantage by negotiating a lower buying price.

10 things to prepare to sell your home fast thehomebuyers.com10. Repurpose the Rooms

If you have a room that is seldom used, repurpose and add value to it. Home buyers will be delightful of the ideas you will offer. Pick a use to those rooms with no general function and stage them accordingly.

Selling your house is not easy. These ten things, when done perfectly, will help sell your property fast. Although it may take time and money, you will definitely get a good deal out of it.

However, if you want to sell your home the way it is, The Home Buyers can help you.

We buy any kind of house, whether old or new, turnkey or not. You don’t need to make any minor or major fixes. Just contact us and we will call you to seal the deal as soon as possible.

5 Proven Tips to Sell Your House Faster

Selling your home through a real estate agent may take months, or worst, more than a year to close the deal. You are fortunate if you have sold it within the first 3 months of your engagement with realtors but honestly, that rarely happens.

If you really want to sell your home faster, here are 5 proven tips you can do to minimize your waiting time and maximize your earning.

How to Sell Your House in 5 Days?

Price Your Property Right 11. Price Your Property Right

As a home owner, you initially set a higher price quote for your treasured property in case interested buyer negotiates for a lower selling price. Yes, that may be a good idea.  However, it was proven to prolong the sale than expected. Make sure you price your property right.

The lower and competitive your price is, more interested buyers will inquire, check your house, and compete to win the property. And this is an advantage for you to increase your selling price. A serious home buyer will definitely make a fair deal for your home at your desired price.

De-clutter Your House 22. De-clutter Your House the Day you Made Your House For Sale

Once you placed the sale placard outside your home or post a for sale advertisement anywhere on the web, expect for visitors to come in and out your home at any time of the day.

De-clutter your house and put out of sight those unwarranted posters, photos, and icons. A de- cluttered house looks larger and tidy, which provokes a positive impression from them. Serious buyers want a turnkey home so spruce up your house the moment you made it for sale.

Market their Possible Lifestyle 43. Market their Possible Lifestyle

Prospect buyers will for sure make an ocular in your house to check if it still accommodating and does meet their home requirements. But more than highlighting your home’s design interior and assets introduced to them their possible lifestyle whenever they have decided to buy and transfer in your home.

Is the school or grocery just nearby? Are their recreation centers and parks near the place? Tell them! They will be happy to hear those unsolicited information.

Make Use of Your Networks 34. Make Use of Your Networks

Never neglect the power of the World Wide Web. If you want to sell your property fast, take advantage of the web opportunities.

Aside from posting on major online listings, why not post it on your social media, share it with your friends, and ask them to re-share it with their friends? This is a free marketing technique that will surely help you sell your home faster.

Sell to Home Buyers 55. Sell to Home Buyers

Home buyers buy a property of any state and kind faster than you ever thought. They usually pay in cash and assume responsibility on cosmetic fix up and refurbishing.

Home Buyers are more accessible than real estate agents as they personally reach to you after you have requested for property quotation. They don’t charge commissions, which is a big saving. They also buy your house as-is at a competitive and fair rate.

Home buyers are everywhere on the web. However, not everyone is a guaranteed buyer. Make sure you only transact with quality and reliable home buyers like The Home Buyers.

If you really need to sell your home faster due to foreclosures, structural issues, or for personal reasons, above are the 5 proven ways you can successfully sell your house.

Feel free to contact The Home Buyer to get your quote. A personal consultant will assist you throughout the process while evaluating your distressed property to give you the right and fair selling price.

6 Guaranteed Ways to Ensure that Your Homebuyer is Legit

Cash home buyers and property buying companies have been in the public eyes for decades now. And new startups still show up each and every day without us knowing where and what companies do they represent.

Although the US Federation has enacted the Financial Services Authority (FSA) on July 1, 2009, firms and companies still flout the regulation and continuous to do an unscrupulous and illegal transactions with accommodating and innocent home sellers.

Ways to Check If You Are Dealing with a Real Estate Scammer

So in order to keep away from first-time home seller mistakes, move forward, and have your property sold to the right home buyer, here are 6 ways to guarantee you that your home buyer is legitimate and trustworthy.

6 Guaranteed Ways to Ensure that Your Homebuyer is Legit we buy houses for cash1. Research and Vet About your Home Buyer

Observe and analyze the way your home buyer interacts and deals with the transaction. A serious buyer will keep his promises, even the simplest ones, like showing up or calling you back.

Ask the buyer a lot of questions, especially about his purchasing process, and observe if he is just glossing the conversation to deceive you. Be careful of those home buyers who claim they are experts, but in reality, lacks experience and are just wannabe’s.

6 Guaranteed Ways to Ensure that Your Homebuyer is Legit we buy houses for cash2. Ask for the Business or Company’s Registration Number

Registered home buyers display their registration number on most of their company documentations. Validate their registration number at the Companies House to ensure that they are authentic and their information, such as company name and address, synchronize.

6 Guaranteed Ways to Ensure that Your Homebuyer is Legit we buy houses for cash3. Create  Specific Terms of Service

Make a formal and specific term of service or written code of practice to be signed by both parties. A home buyer that is reluctant to agree on these terms often plays a ploy and hides something.

Never continue an engagement to your home buyer if he doesn’t sign the agreement.

6 Guaranteed Ways to Ensure that Your Homebuyer is Legit we buy houses for cash4. Verify the Proof of Funds

Not because he claims to buy your home does mean he has enough funds.

In reality, some creative home buyers closed the transaction without any cash at hand. They also have a secret transaction with another home buyer, who, in reality, will pay for the property.

A bank statement, showing his past 30 -60 days statement account, is what you need. This document helps you validate if his name on the bank statement and contract tie up.

6 Guaranteed Ways to Ensure that Your Homebuyer is Legit we buy houses for cash5. Check if He’s an Active Cash Home Buyer

A legitimate home buyer actively purchases homes and properties and has his name written on several deeds of contract. Checking on the deeds of record is now easier as they are already accessible online.

With just his name or the company name he represents, you can research and instantly pull up his records. They should be listed as grantee on the actual deeds of record.

If you have time, you can also track the purchasing record of the home buyer from your local deed record office.

6 Guaranteed Ways to Ensure that Your Homebuyer is Legit we buy houses6. Write Down in Paper Your Verbal Commitments

Ultimately, record every verbal agreement you have together.

Verbal negotiations should be written down and must be spelled out in the contract. And once he presented his written offer, peruse over the document and ensure that all your agreements were clearly stated.

No one, except you, can only discover if you are making a deal with a legitimate investor or just a pretentious agent.

These tips can save you from scams and other problems brought by these inexperienced and illegitimate home buyers. Make sure to only deal with an honest, trustworthy, and professional home buyers. Beware of scammers!

The Home Buyers is a US registered real estate investors. We buy houses, whether its ugly, as-is, or derailed, in cash. We hold to the values of integrity and commitment and we guarantee satisfaction to all our customers.

Contact us now and we will send you a quote!

5 Mistakes First Time Home Sellers Should Avoid

Selling your home is time-consuming and challenging especially if you’re doing the transaction yourself the first time. Prospect buyers will check your property, criticize the place, and may provide low ball offers. These are a bit frustrating, right?

If you have no experience in the real estate ground, it feels daunting and emotionally challenging. And to be frank, you will for sure make lots of mistakes.

Biggest Mistakes Home Sellers Make

Minimize or totally avoid pitfalls. And make sure to sell your house fast at a decent price without getting too overwhelmed by the nitty-gritty of the transaction.

Here are top 5 mistakes most homeowners fall into the trap.

Separation Anxietyy1. Positioning Yourself as the Homeowner

If you are finally decided to sell your house, position yourself as a business person rather than the homeowner. Look at the deal from a business perspective to avoid separation anxiety from the place you’ve built so many memories.

AVOIDING CASH BUYERS2. Avoiding a Cash Home Buyer

Selling your home is a real challenge. Some home sellers opt to hire a real estate agent to help them with the complete transaction however it takes an average of 3 months to successfully close a deal with the perfect bidder. So much time wasted, isn’t it? Worst is 6% commission goes to the agent, which is undeniably unfair to you as the owner.

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Instead of hiring a real estate agent, why not sell your property to a reputable cash home buyer and sell your house in 7 days. It’s easier to carry out transactions with them as they know the business and always consider the owners deal without asking for a commission. Selling your home to a cash home buyer also saves you from credit and possible foreclosure.

However, beware of scammers, who portrayed themselves as would-be buyers. These warning signs can help you assess your buyers.

Pricing too high3. Pricing too High

Make sure you set a competitive asking price. Check the comparable market analysis or find comps for your house to identify the fair and decent amount to price your home.

Overpriced properties don’t sell. Instead, bid on the low side as it proves to generate more offers. This way, someone will definitely bid up to the home’s realistic market value just to win the bid. In fact, underpricing is a great strategy to spawn more interested parties to your listing.

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Taking poor photos we buy houses4. Posting Poor Photos

Real estate transactions are now done on the web. Make sure to take advantage of the free advertising by posting high-quality photos of your home’s assets.

Set listings apart from the others by posting clear and crisp actual photos of your property. Let them experience your home through your photographs. This helps you generate more interested buyers.

Hiding significant problems5. Hiding Significant Problems

Never hide problems about your property as it will be uncovered soon during the buyer’s inspection. What you can do is to under price your property, resolve it ahead of time or place it at a normal pay rate with a credit to fix the issues.

You can also take advantage of the FHA 230 (K) Loan to fund your home improvement projects.

Fix the problem as soon as possible to avoid losing interested buyers who want a turnkey home.

Selling your home is not easy as putting a “sale” placard on your door. Avoid the above mistakes for a seamless transaction that will give you a rewarding sale and experience.

If you are serious about selling your property fast, it is best to find a reputable cash home buyer to buy your house for cash at a decent and competitive selling price. The Home Buyer is here to save you from debts, foreclosures, and taxes.

Call us today! Our friendly customer representative will answer all your questions and assist you with everything you need.