5 Top Home Selling Fears by Home Owners

You have lived a happy life in your safe haven for decades. But this time, you have to let go and say goodbye to the place that has witnessed your life story.

Selling your home is extremely challenging. Aside from the anxiety brought by leaving your house to the hands of the next owner, facing a huge and haywire transaction demands more time and effort.

Common Home Selling Fears Encountered in Selling Your House

Others feel frustrated for different certain reasons. And here we will discuss the top 5 home selling fears by most home sellers.

My House Won’t Sell.1. My House Won’t Sell

Most homeowners are afraid that their home won’t sell, especially if they are in a rush to buy another property to transfer. While there are instances that houses don’t sell because of the changing market condition, you have several things to do to fasten the sale.

First and foremost, you need to price your property right. Here’s a guide to help you set the right price for your home.

Or, create a marketing plan for a marketable property. Check these marketing tips to sell your house quick.

There’s no way you can’t sell your home. Ugly houses still sell. Your turnkey home also will.

I Don’t Know Where to Start.2. I Don’t Know Where to Start

First time home sellers usually make mistakes because they are not sure when and how to start. They even don’t know how much is their house’s worth.

To bring in more prospects, working on making your home to a tip-top shape is your major concern. You have to prepare the house before you display the “For Sale” signage on your yard.

These are 10 things you should prepare in your home but it doesn’t need to be expensive. You can do DIY upgrades. It only takes a little time and effort to augment your house’s worth.

I need to sell soon.3. I need to Sell Soon

In a life event such as divorce or job transfer, most homeowners want a quick sale. They compel themselves to close the deal on a specific target date, which actually adds up to the pressure of home selling.

If you need to move out soon, you have to price your property at or below the recent comparable market value. Don’t sell too low, buyers today still prefer a property that is well=prices.

If you are selling because of broken marriage, read these tips to equally divide your home.

My House is too Ugly to Sell.4. My House is too Ugly to Sell

You want to leave your current old house to stay somewhere more turnkey and neat. But the fact that your house is old and ugly disturbs you because you believe no one will ever get interested in your property.

While ugly houses don’t sell fast, the chances are not zero. Believe it or not, you can still seal a deal even your home is not-so-good.

You can still close a deal for your ugly home by following these tips.

I Don’t Want People Coming my Home.5. I Don’t Want People Coming my Home

You don’t want strangers to enter the premises of your home. Well, this is a big issue that could lead to the delay of the sale.

As a home seller, you must prepare yourself for people coming in and out of your house anytime of the day. This is, in fact, the first thing you should realize prior to putting your property out in the market.

Prior to the schedule showing, take down all your belongings. Keep expensive items away from the sight of the visitors. And depersonalize your house so prospects can image their soon-to-be lifestyle once they moved to your house.

Don’t rush and stay calm. It’s also necessary that you practice these 6 important home seller etiquettes because your house is not the only aspect buyers scrutinized, homeowners, too.

The idea of selling a home is undeniably stressful. But don’t fear, it doesn’t happen exclusively to you, in fact, to everyone. Whilst it’s frustrating, the ease after you have sold your house provides an overwhelming joy.

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5 Easy Steps to Counteract Low Ball Offers

Selling your home is somehow tricky. You have to go through intensive processes and accomplish several coursework to finally bring your property out of the market. Usually, this includes your home repairs and improvement projects,  marketing strategies to sell a house faster, and finding comps for your house to  come up with a fair value for your property.

You are done with all of this hard stuff and have posted your property for sale. After several weeks of your live advertisements, fortunately, you are receiving purchase offers from interested buyers. However, upon reviewing the documents, all you get are low ball offers. Frustrating, isn’t it?

What is a Low Ball Offer?

A low ball offer is a purchase offer from a buyer that is lower than the seller’s asking price. Typically, low ball offers are far less than your house’s worth. This kind of offer, in some way, frustrates or insults home sellers.

If you were able to receive such offer, don’t feel any aggravation as this commonly happens to the majority of home sellers. Instead, follow below steps to respond to low ball offers.

Stay Calm1. Stay Calm

You have spent thousands of dollars and exerted so much effort to build your home. Then you just received an offer that is insultingly lesser than your house’s worth.

Although some home sellers would feel upset with this purchase offer, it’s vital to you keep your composure. That normally happens to every home seller.

Moreover, don’t just easily dump the offer as it is when the real business begins. Don’t let your emotion ruin the sale instead make wise business decisions to come up with a pleasing offer that both of you would agree.

Remember, you have found someone who’s interested in purchasing your house. Turn this probable buyer to a serious buyer.

Focus on selling your home2. Focus on Selling Your Home

Low ball offers must not hinder you to make necessary actions to sell your house fast in Washington DC. Remind yourself that you are making a business so you should focus on this goal. Taking the insult seriously won’t help you anyway.

Find more offers. Work on your marketing strategies and study the market trends to uncover more possibilities.

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Review the Terms of the Purchase Offer.3. Review the Comparable Market Survey

The initial process in home selling is to prepare and review the comparative market analysis to help you price your house competitively. However, since the real estate market changes rapidly, the analysis only remains consistent for a couple of months. Therefore, you have to revisit the comparative sale prices within a certain time span.

Prices go up and down and it is possible for your property to get below or above the listing price and become incompetent. If you get low ball offers, request for your buyer’s list of comparables and vet whether their purchase offer meets the current market value.

Some buyers don’t have the list and just made offers according to statistics that aren’t legit and real.

Retort with a Counter Offer..4. Review the Terms of the Purchase Offer

Although the price is the biggest factor in selling your home, it is not certainly the sole thing. So if ever you received a lowball offer, don’t immediately reject and abandon the document. Price is only a single component out of the many factors and terms so assess the offer before you rip it off.

The terms to consider includes the concession date, inspection contingencies, seller concession amount, and possession date, amount of earnest money, the amount of repairs, buyer’s down payment percentage, and type of financing your buyer will take.

Review the Comparable Market Survey.5. Retort with a Counter Offer

Receiving a low ball offer means someone is interested in your property. Grab this big opportunity. Instead of getting frustrated of their proposals, make way to flip the insult to a chance. Respond with a counter offer.

Your counter offer should include your lowest and final price. By doing this, you eliminate playful buyers and avoid the exchange of offers every now and then.

However, if you make a counter that offers the full price, buyers would possibly deter from sealing the deal.

Low ball offers are part of the game so don’t stress out. All you can do is to follow above steps to make this challenge as an opportunity to sell your house at the price it deserves.

Or you can sell your house to the Home Buyers. We buy houses and make a guaranteed fair offer for any property no matter the condition is.

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5 Mistakes First Time Home Sellers Should Avoid

Selling your home is time-consuming and challenging especially if you’re doing the transaction yourself the first time. Prospect buyers will check your property, criticize the place, and may provide low ball offers. These are a bit frustrating, right?

If you have no experience in the real estate ground, it feels daunting and emotionally challenging. And to be frank, you will for sure make lots of mistakes.

Biggest Mistakes Home Sellers Make

Minimize or totally avoid pitfalls. And make sure to sell your house fast at a decent price without getting too overwhelmed by the nitty-gritty of the transaction.

Here are top 5 mistakes most homeowners fall into the trap.

Separation Anxietyy1. Positioning Yourself as the Homeowner

If you are finally decided to sell your house, position yourself as a business person rather than the homeowner. Look at the deal from a business perspective to avoid separation anxiety from the place you’ve built so many memories.

AVOIDING CASH BUYERS2. Avoiding a Cash Home Buyer

Selling your home is a real challenge. Some home sellers opt to hire a real estate agent to help them with the complete transaction however it takes an average of 3 months to successfully close a deal with the perfect bidder. So much time wasted, isn’t it? Worst is 6% commission goes to the agent, which is undeniably unfair to you as the owner.

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Instead of hiring a real estate agent, why not sell your property to a reputable cash home buyer and sell your house in 7 days. It’s easier to carry out transactions with them as they know the business and always consider the owners deal without asking for a commission. Selling your home to a cash home buyer also saves you from credit and possible foreclosure.

However, beware of scammers, who portrayed themselves as would-be buyers. These warning signs can help you assess your buyers.

Pricing too high3. Pricing too High

Make sure you set a competitive asking price. Check the comparable market analysis or find comps for your house to identify the fair and decent amount to price your home.

Overpriced properties don’t sell. Instead, bid on the low side as it proves to generate more offers. This way, someone will definitely bid up to the home’s realistic market value just to win the bid. In fact, underpricing is a great strategy to spawn more interested parties to your listing.

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Taking poor photos we buy houses4. Posting Poor Photos

Real estate transactions are now done on the web. Make sure to take advantage of the free advertising by posting high-quality photos of your home’s assets.

Set listings apart from the others by posting clear and crisp actual photos of your property. Let them experience your home through your photographs. This helps you generate more interested buyers.

Hiding significant problems5. Hiding Significant Problems

Never hide problems about your property as it will be uncovered soon during the buyer’s inspection. What you can do is to under price your property, resolve it ahead of time or place it at a normal pay rate with a credit to fix the issues.

You can also take advantage of the FHA 230 (K) Loan to fund your home improvement projects.

Fix the problem as soon as possible to avoid losing interested buyers who want a turnkey home.

Selling your home is not easy as putting a “sale” placard on your door. Avoid the above mistakes for a seamless transaction that will give you a rewarding sale and experience.

If you are serious about selling your property fast, it is best to find a reputable cash home buyer to buy your house for cash at a decent and competitive selling price. The Home Buyer is here to save you from debts, foreclosures, and taxes.

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