6 Important Home Selling Factors Commonly Overlooked by Home Sellers

Home selling is crucial and demanding. As a home seller, prepare for the extra time and immense effort you have to exert from start to finish. There are also too many requirements to accomplish. Thus, you have to be meticulous to get things right and organized from the day you decided to open a sale until you have luckily closed the deal.

However, with the overwhelming requirements, some things just fall between the cracks and these missing pieces can mess up the entire home selling.

In order to take the pieces of home selling into a cohesive shape, we listed down six of the commonly overlooked activities homeowners should give keen attention to.

7 Important Home Selling Factors Commonly Overlooked by Home Sellers1.Listing Your Business

Ninety percent of home buyers scour the internet to find houses for sale within their desired area, let say Washington DC. Therefore, listing your home for sale on Google map is a wise decision. There are a handful of sites to list your property but it’s best to sign up on pages with a huge traffic and high engagement.

Your online listing should also detail the basic information like the price, the number of rooms, floor area, and amenities of your house for sale.

Ultimately, Google Map’s street view should exactly point to where your house is. People heavily depend on Google Maps nowadays so better check it thrice.

7 Important Home Selling Factors Commonly Overlooked by Home Sellers2. Cleaning All the Mess

Deep clean not only your house’s curb and interior but also as your ovens, refrigerators, dishwasher, and closets because buyers are good at scrutinizing your home.

Cab webs and creepy crawlies might be hiding inside your appliances so clean them before your prospects poke around each.

Hire someone who can do the work if you are no longer capable. How much you spent on the deep cleaning will definitely come back twice, thrice, or more, faster than you expected.

Tidy houses attract buyers.

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7 Important Home Selling Factors Commonly Overlooked by Home Sellers3. Preparing a Disclosure

As a home seller, you are obliged to make a list of your property’s problems and developments. This may include water leaks, fires, floods, and similar circumstances.

Ensure that whatever you have listed in the seller disclosure is true and accurate any concealment will still be revealed once your buyer runs their inspection.

By doing so, you are safe from a possible lawsuit that may come after the sale.

List down in details both the major and minor problems and development in your house for safer, easier and faster transaction.

7 Important Home Selling Factors Commonly Overlooked by Home Sellers4. Finding the Right Real Estate Agent

A good real estate agent brings you sales, not the other way round— loss. While there are many estate agents in your area, take extra steps to find the best person to assist and represent you during the home selling.

Therefore, ask for recommendations from friends and families and reach out to references your prospect agent has provided.

A professional agent will be happy to give you access to their references. While this may entail additional time, interviewing past clients can exactly tell who are you going to work with.

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7 Important Home Selling Factors Commonly Overlooked by Home Sellers5. Arranging a Social Media Marketing Plan

Apart from playing with the traditional marketing to sell your house, using social media to market your home is proven to increase the chances of selling your house fast.

You worked hard to spruce up your house. Market it through Facebook or Twitter to spread the word out and display photo galleries, video tours, and floor plans.

By doing this, your post gets wider coverage and visibility, not just within your area but also on neighboring cities.

7 Important Home Selling Factors Commonly Overlooked by Home Sellers6. Taking Notes of the “Not for Sale” Items

You want your house to be picturesque so you staged it to perfection. Buyers, without a doubt, will fell in love with everything including the big chandelier and comfy sofa.

But this begins the confusion of which is what.

Specify the items included in the sale and label those that are not to make things clear for your prospects. It will save you from further perplexity throughout the home selling.

Take note of the above to avoid inconvenience and to ensure seamless home selling procedure. On the other hand, you can connect with the Home Buyers to steer clear away from difficulties of selling a home.

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