6 Effective Tips for a Stunning Real Estate Photography

Over 80% of web users search the internet during house hunt and listings with photographs have proven to get more attention than those without.

Photos have been used in real estate for more than a decade but it has never been much of importance than today. It is actually third in our list of the best marketing techniques to sell house fast. 

However, this doesn’t include crappy, boring photos.

Stunning photos capture more eyes, which can eventually seal a deal fast. Therefore, shoot your home’s photos like you are photographing for a home and lifestyle magazine.

Here are 6 practical and effective tips in real estate photography that will make your house more attractive so it sells faster.

6 Effective Tips to Make Your House Stunning on Photographs1. Invest in a Decent Camera

A home’s photograph can make or break a sale. And, a decent camera produces decent photographs.

Crappy, blurred, and pixilated images from low-end tools can result in mediocre photos.  So you really have to invest in a good camera for your photos to look good and inviting, especially that you will be posting it on your real estate website.

Ivan Ciraj from Square One Condos suggests investing on a wide angle camera lens as it captures better image quality, unlike other typical digital cameras.

Brands like Canon and Nikon with 16-35 mm lens are commonly used by real estate photographers. There are also cheaper and effective alternatives that deliver almost similar quality like Sigma and Tamron.

Having a tripod and shutter also eliminate shaking when taking photos.

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6 Effective Tips to Make Your House Stunning on Photographs2. Use Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is a major factor that can make up or mess up your home’s photographs. It can produce outstanding images that can turn on buyers and pull them to your home once used right.

Expert suggests taking photos during late morning and afternoon when the sun is at its peak.

During this time, metal fixtures, wood details, and furniture upholstery illuminates, which looks more attractive and pleasing in photographs.

6 Effective Tips to Make Your House Stunning on Photographs3. Use Landscape Orientation for Best Viewing

Experts suggest taking photos with landscape orientation at all times. It is pleasant to the human eye and captures a wider angle that allows your prospects to see the wider view just from the photo itself.

Apart from that, since the interior space is wide, landscape orientation  can emphasize the details and features better than in portrait.

6 Effective Tips to Make Your House Stunning on Photographs4. Emphasize the Best Feature in Each Room

When photographing your home, always take photos of the room’s selling point. Take advantage of the spaciousness, the natural light, the view, and the chandelier as they can wow buyers.

Your home features should also be the focal point of your photo shoot to hype your buyer’s curiosity until they are willing to schedule an open house.

Before you set the photo shoot day, prepare and organize your home from the little nook to the main area.  And the curb should be readily prepared for exterior photography.

6 Effective Tips to Make Your House Stunning on Photographs5. Take Lots of Photos

Giovanni Farinacci of Keller Williams Prestige allocates 2 hours to shoot a 3000 square foot home. And, that’s a lot of photos.

In taking photographs for your home, capture the angles, experiment on the light exposure, and shoot the room’s features until you find the perfect shot to upload on your listings.

While this takes time, it can surely generate more views and inquiries on your listings than nothing.

6 Effective Tips to Make Your House Stunning on Photographs6. Post-Processing

Post-processing is a try and tested way to improve your photos overall appearance. Tools like Photoshop can correct colors and light discrepancies and can even remove unnecessary spots and blocks that deter the beautiful view.

If ever you don’t have knowledge of Photoshop, you can self-learn through YouTube or even ask help from experts.

These photography tips will improve your listings and can substantially grow your reach until you find the perfect home buyer for your property.

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