9 Best Countries to Spend Your Retirement 2016

We will all go through retirement and like other aspects of life, this should be well-planned, too. If you are looking forward to your retirement and want to find new experiences and sceneries, downsize and save, then we have a good list of countries to spend your retirement.

Aside from their affordable cost of living as indicated by the Cost of Living Index, these countries are scored the safest in 2016 based on the Global Peace Index studies.

Without further ado, we listed below the top 10 cheap and safe countries to live and enjoy your retirement. Please note that these places are randomly listed.

9 Cheap and Safe Retirement Countries in 2016.1. Australia

Who wouldn’t love to live in Australia? The country is an almost-perfect place for Americans to stay. It has a balmy climate and beautiful beaches. Elders would also love the serenity of the laid-back ambiance of the country.

Australia is also an English-speaking country so there will be no language barrier between the immigrants and the Aussies. It was also included in the list of the Most Livable Cities in the world.

Moreover, with the changing market, from having a high cost of living, retirees can now save up to $200,000 annually.

9 Cheap and Safe Retirement Countries in 2016.2. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is certainly a good place to enjoy retirement. Known as the castle capital of the world, the country has a substantially lower cost of living compared to Germany and Austria.

Retirees would enjoy the place with its gorgeous rolling hills and amazing wildflowers. Prepare your health insurance as it’s a requirement by the Czech Republic prior to entering the country.

Almost 6,000 American expats have temporary and permanent residency here.

9 Cheap and Safe Retirement Countries in the World3. Chile

Many tourists-turn-expats are now flocking to Chile. Retirees from around the world are also considering the country as their second home due to its high standard of living yet low lifestyle costs.

The country has a beautiful surrounding with welcoming and hospitable locals. La Serena, Santiago, Pucon, Vina del Mar, and Valparaiso are five of the top-most cities recommended for retirees.

9 Cheap and Safe Retirement Countries in the World4. Costa Rica

Pura Vida! Welcome to the Happiest Country on Earth, Costa Rica. Retirees can enjoy good healthcare, tropical climate, and rich biodiversity.

The country is a dream retirement place which is proven by over 50,000 U.S expats currently living here. People are easygoing, polite, and charming making you feel ease dealing with the locals. If you are up to an adventure, Costa Rica is your go-to place. Enjoy canopy tours, sea kayaking, and whitewater rafting. Retirement will never be fun without these experiences.

Moreover, you can probably save as much as $200,000 in Costa Rica. Housing is 44% cheaper than in America.

9 Cheap and Safe Retirement Countries in the World5. Malaysia

Malaysia was once an unrecognized country but is now among the best retirement destinations. More and more expats are staying for good in the country because of its relaxed lifestyle and tropical climate.

You’re going to love the unspoiled beaches and exotic jungles in the place. It offers retirees with good housing options and healthcare insurance, which help them save up to $200,000 yearly.

George Town, now being on the Best 10 list of the retirement cities in the world, is an ideal city to live in Malaysia.

9 Cheap and Safe Retirement Countries in the World6. Portugal

Who says that you can’t save in Portugal? Truth to be told, you can. According to Expat Arrivals, an increasing number of immigrants from all over the world are flocking to Portugal because of its reasonable cost of living.

You don’t just save $200,000 in Portugal but can make a profit out of your investment. Britons, Europeans, and Americans are taking the fine advantage to make a profit from their money in Portugal.

Aside from the low cost of living, you can relax on Portugal’s sunny shore while dining health and fresh sea foods.

9 Cheap and Safe Retirement Countries in the World7. Spain

Aside from being a favorite tourist destination, Spain ranked nine on the best retirement countries in the world based on the International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index. It scores well in terms of retiree benefits, cost of living, real estate, healthcare, entertainment, amenities, retirement infrastructure and a whole lot more.

The natural beauty of the country along with warm climate and engaging people made the place an ideal spot for both tourists and retirees. Take a dip into Spain’s festivals, cuisines, and coastlines, too.

9 Cheap and Safe Retirement Countries in the World8. Uruguay

While Uruguay has a small land area, it is a big hit for retirees across the globe making it ranked 12 as the best place for retirement according to the International Living Magazine.

The country has a mild climate, stable economy, affordable healthcare, little crime, and low taxes. This is no wonder why it became an ideal retirement spot for Americans. Even so, they have good public transportations, maintained highways, and a fast internet speed.

You can definitely make a simple and fun lifestyle at Uruguay without breaking your money bank.

The above countries have a simple and affordable cost of living plus security for both locals and expats, making it ideal for retirees to live. No matter where you want to stay for retirement and what activities you wish to indulge yourself to, it’s essential to consider both the advantages and disadvantages of migrating abroad.

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4 Reasons to Sell Your Home When You Retire

Retirement is now knocking your door. What’s your plan after your long time employment? Would you like to spend your free time to travel or to relocate to an active-adult community?

While identifying these future plans is essential, weighing your financial capacity is also indispensable. Remember that you’re about to stop working and your stream of income is limited so having the means and budget to take the plunge must be available.

Why Should You Sell Your Home When You Retire?

Whatever your retirement looks like, determining whether to downsize or sell your home is a must. Some Americans choose to sell their houses and take a different route while others would to live and stay forever .

If you are not sure why you should downsize and sell your home when you retire, here are four ideal reasons you must.

You’re paying Hefty Sum of Property Taxes.1. You’re paying Hefty Sum of Property Taxes

Depending on where you reside, you may be charged a hefty amount for your annual property tax. If you plan to move to another cheaper state, you will surely save around $15, 000 yearly.

If you’ll transfer to West Virginia, you’re going to save much compared to staying in the same type of home in New York.

Think about this. Staying in the same state for the coming years would cause pain in the pocket. Save yourself from big taxes and live an ideal and stress-free life after you retire.

Your House Needs Repairs.2. Your House Needs Repairs

If your old house needs frequent repairs and revamps, the upholding cost can roughly cost you double. Here are 10 common things you should prepare in your house. 

Doing DIY repairs is also a hassle. In other words, maintaining your ancestral house isn’t worth your time and effort.

Why not transfer to a newer property that needs less maintenance? According to the National Association of Home Builders, most homeowners, who decided to move to turnkey property, only spend below $25 for routine repairs.

You will surely get surprised of your savings when you leave your old and wrecked home for a new and turnkey one.

Your House Requires Regular Maintenance3. Your House Requires Regular Maintenance

Aside from doing regular repairs, you are also responsible for doing the regular maintenance of your house. This includes shoveling the snow, cleaning the gutters, and mowing the loan.

If you’re tired of being an owner and doing all these manual labors stress you out, you may want to transfer to an apartment where the property management or landlord is responsible for these chores.

You’re All by Yourself.4. You Want a New Lifestyle

Have you already foreseen your retirement lifestyle? Some homeowners take this chance to travel. If you’re one of them, think in advance.

A travel vacation requires money to pay for your expenses. One of the options you can do to free up cash is to sell your home.

Read: 9 Best Countries to Spend Your Retirement 2016

However, before you make your house for sale, review your and calculate your living expenses. How much have you spent for the past 12 months? Once you have identified your everyday expenditure, sum it up with the supplementary budget you need for your travel.

Estimate your future expenses so you won’t get short of the budget while you’re on the trip.

While it’s hard to leave the home where you spend almost your lifetime, stabilizing your lifestyle make sense especially now you are about to retire.

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