How Long Does it Take to Sell Your House in Washington DC?

If you are a first time home seller or have sold houses several times, you probably want to know how long it takes to sell a house in Washington DC.

According to Redfin, the average time to sell a house in 2016 takes 10- 70 days from the time of listing to the settlement.

However, there are several factors that contribute to the delay of the sale including the tedious home selling procedure and paper works. However, if you deal with a cash home buyer in Washington, you can probably sell your house fast.

Factors that Expedite or Prolongs the Sale of your Home

Installing a for sale signage in front of your yard cannot guarantee a successful sale. It is not as simple as what you think because several factors come into play during the process. And these affect the length of time to sell a home in Washington DC.

Below are criteria that prolong or expedite the sale of houses that homeowners should realize by now.

How Long Does it Take to Sell Your House in Washington DC?1. The Current Local Real Estate Market Status

The real estate market varies from city to city and state to state. What is working in Washington, DC might not be applicable in Delaware. There are seasons in which the neighborhood is very competitive while there are moments that it works otherwise.

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The current status of the real estate market in Washington, DC plays a huge role in this. The market varies in three different types which are the seller’s market, buyers market, and balanced market.

If you are selling your home in Washington DC during the seller’s market, the chances are you will get multiple offers that are above or at the current market value. However, selling your home during the buyer’s market delays the sale due to fewer home buyers willing to purchase a home.

Understanding the market is necessary to identify the length of waiting you will need to finally seal a deal with the next homeowner. If you sell your house in Washington, DC during the buyer’s market, expect that it possibly could sit longer on the market.

How Long Does it Take to Sell Your House in Washington DC?2. The Price of Your Home

You probably have heard this many times. The price of your home can impact the sale so it is necessary to price your house correctly.

To charge competitively, make sure to study the market and find comps for your house. Finding a comparable can help your fair price so it won’t stall in the market, at the same time get the best value for your home.

The higher you price your home, the longer it sits in the market, which might give a bad impression to prospect buyer. Lower sales price is not also advisable.

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How Long Does it Take to Sell Your House in Washington DC?3. Marketing Strategies to Sell House Fast

Putting your house out in the market is not enough. You should take steps for people to see your house for sale. Experienced and local real estate agents could help. Just find the right agent to assist you.

You can also make simple marketing strategies to advertise your home both online and offline. Utilize the power of social media, a high ranking website, and quality photography to show your house in its best possible shape to prospect clients. And these could help fasten the sale of your home in Washington DC.

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There is no definite time frame on how long it takes to sell a house.  Your home in Washington can sell fast or sit long depending on the circumstances that could affect the sale.

However, if you want to sell your house fast in Washington DC and don’t want to wait for an average of three months to seal a deal, sell your house to cash home buyers. You might want to ask how long it takes to sell a house to a cash buyer. Well, they can buy your house as fast as 7 days.

The Home Buyers is a legit real estate investor. We buy houses in Washington, DC for cash and fast. You don’t need to wait for several long months to convert your property into money as we can buy it in cash in just 7 days.

No need to worry about the ups and downs of the real estate market because with The Home Buyers, home selling is fast and swift.

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6 Ways Your Pet Won’t Ruin the Sale of Your Home

People get easily attracted to cute and clean pets like puppies and hamsters. But when it comes to home selling, homebuyers feel otherwise.

If you want to sell your house in Washington DC or the surrounding communities, make sure to prepare your home and remove pet stains and marks prior to putting it on sale. Moreover, most home buyers are afraid and uncomfortable with pets playing around, so it’s best to plan your puppy’s activity during the scheduled showing.

Reasons Home Buyers Don’t Like Pets

Selling a home fast is undeniably tough. Moreover, a home with a pet is even more difficult.

Home buyers have varying reasons why they aren’t comfortable with pets during a showing. Here are the most common we’ve got.

1. Your prospect home buyer grew up in a non-pet lover family, which made him or her uncomfortable when pets are around.

2. Your buyer was bitten by a dog on her childhood so he fears dogs and even other pets.

3. Your pet is not your buyer’s pets. They think your puppy is bad and aggressive.

You cannot avoid meeting this type of homebuyer. But because you want to sell your house fast in Washington DC, it’s better to make some adjustment prior the showing and before anything else falls and slips from your hands.

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Ways Pet Lovers can Sell their House in Washington DC

This may sound annoying to pet lovers and owners, but you have to pet-proof and prepare your home for the open house. Showing your house for sale in Washington DC without any pet evidence could attract more serious buyers and helps fasten the sale.

Here are 6 ways you need to prepare before you welcome prospect buyers to your home.

1. Prepare Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Most pets, especially dogs, become aggressive whenever strangers enter their premises. While your pet will never hurt your visitors, it’s still best to check your insurance cover in case of unwanted incidents.

You will be held liable when your dog bites or scratches a potential buyer so having the insurance available would ease the burden of paying heftily for the medication.

Whilst this is necessary, some insurers don’t want to approve the cover especially if you own aggressive and vicious breeds, for an instance, pit bulls, because they are expensive.

If you own such pets, we recommend you to take him for a walk during the open house.

2. Freshen the Odor

Your rugs and hardwoods might have traces of dog or cat urine, which may effuse an offensive odor. These will give bad impressions to your prospects that could hurdle the possible sale of your home.

Remove the odor and freshen up the smell of your house. DIY ways to remove bad odors can be done but if still not effective, hire professionals to do the cleaning for you.

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However, if the stink returns and continues to reek; it’s practical to replace the carpet before interested buyers come in.

Frequent cleaning of cages, carpets, and fish tanks prevent the acquisition of dirt and                                                                                                                                  stink.

3. Clean the Yard

Your house’s curb appeal attracts buyers. However, with a dog poop in it can ruin a buyer’s day.

Buyers don’t only check your house’s interior. They also inspect the yard and other exterior features of your home.

Before they step in the poop and get their ankle in the holes, where your dog usually digs, carry out a poop patrol.

Make sure your home is green and clean as possible. Don’t let the yellow and brown dust bowl disappoint your prospects.

Seed the holes and bare spots of your yard and double bag the wastes and poops so buyers won’t smell the foul odor when they walk by the garbage can.

4. Remove Pet Hairs

Pet hairs do not only make your house untidy as it also cause allergies to potential buyers. When this happens, you are merely sending your buyers out of the door.

Vacuum the dust and hair before each showing. If your pet’s hair sheds, brush him outside so it won’t fly inside the house.

A vacuum robot, which you can schedule to suck up hair, can lessen the hassle of running a vacuum several times a day.

5. Stow Pet Toys and Paraphernalia

Your pets have probably accumulated cute stuff all over the house.  While they are adorable, they all contribute to the clutter.

Stow paraphernalia and toys in a closet. And dry the food bins and keep it in the mud room. All these pet things should be kept away from the sight of your home buyers.

6. Take Your Pet for a Walk

When you are done with all the things we have mentioned above, decide on your pet’s activity during the day of showing.

According to Chris Rowland of Pet Supplies Plus, give your pets a long-lasting treat and interactive toys while they are confined in the crate. This made them busy while your visitors are strolling around the house.

If possible, find playmates for your pet, who will take him for long walks, while you are busy entertaining your guests.

However, before you make changes to your pet’s routine, consult a veterinarian to help you ease the pet’s transition to a new lifestyle, even for a while.

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Not everyone is comfortable having pets around them so if you are serious about selling your house fast in Washington DC, better do the cleaning and safe keep them until you close the deal with the perfect home buyer.

If you are not comfortable doing these things to your pet and, of course, want to sell your home fast, contact The Home Buyers.

We buy as is houses so you don’t need to do frequent cleaning and improvements to make a turnkey home. Keep your pets at their comforts while we inspect your house.

Call us today and sell your house fast in Washington DC to The Home Buyers.