How to Create a Website to Sell Your House Online?

In a study conducted by the Digital House Hunt, 90% of people search the web during house hunt, therefore, creating an online platform that showcases your property’s features and flare can definitely put you in advantage among other home sellers.

While traditional real estate marketing like hiring an estate agent, hosting an open house, and even planting a for-sale sign in your yard could help in selling your home, tapping into the power of the web has also proven to create more inquiries, which can result in a faster sale.

6 Features Every Real Estate Website Should Have

Let say you have already set up your website, next is to fill it in with information in which your prospects will benefit from.

So what details should you include on your website?

How to Create a Website to Sell Your House Online?1. Rich Media

People nowadays consumed visuals faster than written content so take advantage of the power of visual content in creating your website.

Take photos of your property, the community, and the neighborhood to give your prospects a glimpse of your home, the surrounding, and the lifestyle they will be having if they choose to buy your home.

Capture many photos as possible but never compromise its quality as it can make or break a possible sale. You don’t need a high-end camera, a Smartphone can produce outstanding results.

Home virtual tours are also becoming a trend so why not try as well? Record your home from the curb to the inside and upload it to your home page so visitors can see what your house looks like as if they are in an open house.

How to Create a Website to Sell Your House Online?2. Content

While visuals can easily penetrate the human mind, having a content to support and explain your photos and videos is of big help. According to Kissmetrics, descriptions are read 300% more than the full content itself.

Hence, provide descriptions of every photo uploaded. Write down important details such as the floor size, number of bedrooms, and nearby amenities to set expectations from web visitors.

If possible, minimize technical terms. Not everyone is familiar with real estate jargons so explain details as always and use layman’s terms all the time.

How to Create a Website to Sell Your House Online?3. Call to Action

A call to action or CTA is commonly used in marketing to provoke your audience to take an action. This short line of texts invites and prompts your readers to make a move to start a business with you.

Crafting compelling call to actions and adding them throughout your copies and website pages can increase the chances of more phone calls and contact form submissions.

The more people to sign up your form, the more information you’ll get from interested buyers, and the easier to reach them out whenever necessary. So, don’t forget to add clickable CTA’s in every prevalent space in your site.

Take note that the CTA should have an eye-catching design, a copy that provokes people to act, a value proposition, and a landing page to direct your visitors after they clicked your CTA. Usually, real estate websites direct their visitors to their Contact Us page.

Contact information.4. Contact Information

According to a study conducted by KoMarketing, 64 % of website visitors looked for contact information by the time they landed a site’s home page.  These people want instant access to your details in a span of 10 seconds especially if they want to confirm details or even schedule a showing.

Make sure to put your details available on the home page so they easily see it as soon as they landed your website.

How to Create a Website to Sell Your House Online?5. Links to Social Media Channels

Last in the list are the social media channels, where you post major updates about your house for sale.

Social media has proven to effectively market your home. The most commonly used platforms by real estate agents today are Facebook and Twitter so take advantage of the benefits of these channels, too.

Aside from posting updates on socials, you can also invite your web visitors to share about your house for sale on their profiles. There are several free social media plugins with this feature so better download and use it.

Now that you are all set, start creating a website for your house for sale. You can do it yourself or ask help from a website developer to take charge of your website.

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