How to Sell Your House As Is Without An Agent?

Selling a home requires a lot of hard work but selling a house as-is is more defying, especially if you choose not to work with an agent, who has the grasp and understanding of every aspect of the deal.

As a home seller, it is imperative that you know the process of selling as-is houses and you understand the basic provisions before you list your home as for sale by the owner.

How to Sell A House As Is for Cash?

Homeowner sells their property as is for varied reasons. For instance, they have inherited a house from parents but don’t want to stay in it, or they need to downsize because their children are already out for college, or they can no longer maintain the home just what they used to do.

Alongside, there are also different forms of selling a house privately. A majority will spend time and effort to spruce up their homes while others would just opt to sell without any plans of making repairs, wishing that someone will bite on their marketing and buy.

If you choose the latter option and want to sell your house as is, we have here steps to selling a house without a realtor that can help you in closing a deal privately.

sell your house as is. We buy houses Washington DC1. Understand that Disclosure is Necessary

Selling a home as is requires you to reveal all its known defects. This is actually a legal step to selling a house and you don’t want to get penalized because of engaging in an active fraud.

While you can specify all the small flaws, like the wall cracks and damaged door knobs, in the disclosure, major issues like flooding and lead paints should be on top of the list.

However, if you just inherited the house from your parents and don’t have any idea of its general condition, then you are exempted from this legal obligation. But if they found out, that by intent, you withhold to reveal this necessary information, the home buyer could file a legal recourse against your illegal action.

Some states require you to divulge if someone had died in the house for sale. So if you are to sell your house in Washington DC, make sure you know their state requirements beforehand.

sell your house as is. We buy houses Washington DC2. Prepare for Home Inspection

Although you have specified in the listing that you are selling as is, buyers can do a home inspection as a due diligence to check exactly what they will be paying for.

If during the inspection they found out about hidden damages, the home buyer has the option not to pursue the purchase and walk away with their earnest money at hand. Also, you need to state the issue to the next interested buyer as required by the law.

Or, you can compensate or repair the damages known during the inspection.

sell your house as is. We buy houses Washington DC3. Research Your House’s Comparable

Selling your house as is means you need to price your house fairly. Check comparables nearby your area and see their conditions and amenities. There could be house features that hinder the sale like dented bathroom and kitchen or there are some home improvements that are not necessary at all.

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During your search, you may also found out that your home lacks features, which are important for buyers.  Therefore, you need to compensate or lower your asking price to catch more attention and sell your house fast in Washington DC.

sell your house as is. We buy houses Washington DC4. Get Ready for Low Ball Offers

Prepare yourself for an onslaught of bargain hunters once you have listed your house as is. You will probably receive plenty of lowball offers, which is somehow offending. But keep calm and still, this is common to anyone who is selling a home in Washington.

House flippers, investors, and first-time homebuyers will send you lowball offers but don’t take it personally, you can always counter them with a price you believe your house deserves. Always take with you the comparative market analysis.

After all, someone will want to meet your price halfway.

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sell your house as is. We buy houses Washington DC5. Keep Your House Tidy

A house that is clean and organize attracts more interested buyers. Even you are selling your house as is, it is necessary to you keep it neat, with our without a scheduled open house. Cleanliness always makes a difference.

Before your prospect takes a home tour, spend the time to mow your yard, remove pet stains, and throw the garbage. These small efforts give the buyer a good impression that you are selling due to practical circumstances and not because of laziness.

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Selling a house as is does not guarantee a fast sale. But if you follow these tips and do extra marketing, you can surely seal a deal as soon as possible even without the help of an agent.

But if you want a faster sale, better contact the home buyers.

We Buy As is Houses in Washington DC and surrounding Communities

We understand the hassle of sprucing up a house so it becomes marketable. And we also agree that doing house refinement is difficult. If you are afraid not to sell your house as is, well, we have your back.

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Inheriting a House from Your Parents: What to Do with the Property?

Inheriting a property from your parents can be equally exciting and daunting especially if you are inheriting a house with siblings. Usually, new homeowners are afraid and unsure what to do with their asset, whether to sell it or not, because they are concerned with the financial, technical, and legal issues accompanied with it.

If this happens to you, take any of these 5 different paths to resolve your apprehension about the inherited property.

Inheriting a House from Your Parents: What to Do with the Property. We buy houses washington dc1. Do not Accept the Inherited Property

Inheriting a house with a mortgage transfers you the responsibility of paying its outstanding debts and mortgages before you can totally acquire its ownership.

This case usually happens especially if the deceased’s insurance or savings cannot fund the existing liability. Make a background check before you accept the property. Once you find out about the case, you can always refuse and say no to the inheritance.

File a disclaimer that complies with the IRS rules and state laws to disclaim the property willed to you or transfer it to another heir.

Inheriting a House from Your Parents: What to Do with the Property. We buy houses in washington dc2. Stay and Live In It for Good

If you are free from debts and mortgages, then you have the option to live in the inherited home and do whatever repairs and improvements you want to it. This also means that you are responsible for paying the property taxes.

However, if there is another inheritor, for instance, your brother, living in means paying them out of the house.

Inheriting a House from Your Parents: What to Do with the Property. We buy houses in washington dc3. Rent it Out

If you don’t want to stay in the house, why not make it an investment and become its landlord? Making the property for rent can improve your monthly income without losing touch of your beloved’s legacy. Moreover, it increases the house’s value year after year, which augments its price whenever you decided to sell it.

However, renting out the house requires regular property maintenance to make it presentable for occupants. Be ready for late night calls, last-minute repairs, and other headaches that will bug you every now and then.

Inheriting a House from Your Parents: What to Do with the Property. We buy houses in washington dc4. Spruce Up and Sell Your House

If you are not a sentimental person and doesn’t want any obligation at all, selling your house is another option to consider.

Inherited properties are usually not well maintained so make sure that your house is ready before you put it up on the market. Spruce up your house and accomplish these home improvement projects to beautify your house.

You can hire a professional to inspect and identify areas that need a revamp and improvement. You don’t need to overhaul the house. Minor repairs like replacing the water heater or cleaning pet stains can make wonders, which can pretty up the home.

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However, if it needs major repairs that require a big sum, you want to consider selling it to cash home buyers.

Inheriting a House from Your Parents: What to Do with the Property. We buy houses in washington dc5. Sell the House As-Is

It will require hard work to sell the house you inherited from your parents particularly if it’s almost deteriorating. But there is a practical option you can do, sell it to cash home buyers or real estate investors.

If you are not after making a profit from the inheritance and not interested in fixing up the house, you can sell your house in Washington DC as is. Get and save the assets that are still functional or sell them at a discount.

Once you have everything safe keep, call a cash home buyer in Washington DC to sell your house for cash. You don’t need to do repairs as house flippers buy houses in whatever condition it is.

The house you inherited is a gift and should not be considered as a headache. Do whatever you want for your house. Whether you want to keep or sell it, just do what is at ease for you.

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