10 Best Real Estate Websites to Advertise Your House

Real estate sells like pancakes in the United States. Over 5.45 million total home sales were generated in 2016, which is higher compared to 2015’s statistics with only 5.25 million sales.

Each sealed transaction was a result of different efforts and in today’s digital marketing age, real estate websites give an advantage. These websites have the power to showcase your home, attract buyers, and close a deal fast.

Real estate websites are helpful in buying and selling houses but only a handful of them generates a significant amount of traffic that helps in the speedy sale of your home.

Below are 10 of the best websites to list your home based on popularity, relevance, and customer satisfaction.

1. Zillow

10 Best Real Estate Websites to Advertise Your House

Zillow has been in the real estate marketplace since 2016 and has now grown into one of US largest rental and real estate portals. It displays house information and even provides suggestions to help you decide on which house to buy for a better deal. You can also connect with professionals who can assist you during your home shopping.

With over 110 million US homes in Zillow’s database, who would still doubt its ability to successfully seal a deal.

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2. Trulia

10 Best Real Estate Websites to Advertise Your House

Trulia was founded in 2015 as a subsidiary of Zillow Company. Home sellers need to sign up and enter their details to get an access to Zillow’s database.  Your information as a seller will be displayed on Trulia’s mobile app and are accessible for homebuyers.

The app also provides insights about the commute time and crime score within the community.

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3. Realtor

10 Best Real Estate Websites to Advertise Your House

As the pioneering digital real estate company, Realtor.com had made people’s home journey simpler and more efficient.

With its innovative tools, estate experts, and a comprehensive list of for-sale properties, the real estate website was considered as the most trusted resource in the estate industry to date.

4. Homes

10 Best Real Estate Websites to Advertise Your House

Another good avenue to list your house for sale is at Homes.com. You’ll find a lot of for sale homes in the platform from fully-furnished to second-hand and bargain houses.

For sale properties are arranged by state, which is convenient in locating houses depending on your target location. These listings can also be accessed through Homes.com’s mobile apps, which has a comparison feature to help you land a better and fair deal.

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5. MSN Real Estate

10 Best Real Estate Websites to Advertise Your House

MSN Real Estate lists houses all over the US. They have specific sections for home rentals, home and garden tips, and even a page for first-time home buyer’s guide

They show recent listings with its corresponding prices so buyers can easily check new houses posted daily.

6. AOL Real Estate

10 Best Real Estate Websites to Advertise Your House

AOL real estate is one of the best go-to place for home shoppers to find their new haven at their desired place.  Every day new listings are posted and hundreds to thousands are being sold.

And everytime a seller posts a new home for sale, registered users will instantly receive updates.

You’ll also find the latest news about real estate and professional guides to help you in home buying and selling.

These real estate websites are on top of the game for being decent, reliable, and effective platforms to sell a house fast. With over millions of monthly visitors, the chance of selling your home in this website is high. The stupendous growth of these listings paves way for more home sellers to sell and buyers to buy.

Listing your home in these websites can increase the chances of selling your home fast but some sellers prefer a much faster turn-around. If that’s the case, The Home Buyers can help.

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The Home Buyers buy houses within a week or less. Unlike the above listings in which you are required to input your home details, you can contact us directly by filling up our form and we will call you after 15 minutes for our instant and fair quotation.

You don’t need to upgrade your home or even improve the curb- that’s additional expenses. We are buying houses as-is, whatever condition it is.

We have closed thousands of deals since we started and still counting our growing numbers of satisfied customers.

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6 Important Home Selling Factors Commonly Overlooked by Home Sellers

Home selling is crucial and demanding. As a home seller, prepare for the extra time and immense effort you have to exert from start to finish. There are also too many requirements to accomplish. Thus, you have to be meticulous to get things right and organized from the day you decided to open a sale until you have luckily closed the deal.

However, with the overwhelming requirements, some things just fall between the cracks and these missing pieces can mess up the entire home selling.

In order to take the pieces of home selling into a cohesive shape, we listed down six of the commonly overlooked activities homeowners should give keen attention to.

7 Important Home Selling Factors Commonly Overlooked by Home Sellers1.Listing Your Business

Ninety percent of home buyers scour the internet to find houses for sale within their desired area, let say Washington DC. Therefore, listing your home for sale on Google map is a wise decision. There are a handful of sites to list your property but it’s best to sign up on pages with a huge traffic and high engagement.

Your online listing should also detail the basic information like the price, the number of rooms, floor area, and amenities of your house for sale.

Ultimately, Google Map’s street view should exactly point to where your house is. People heavily depend on Google Maps nowadays so better check it thrice.

7 Important Home Selling Factors Commonly Overlooked by Home Sellers2. Cleaning All the Mess

Deep clean not only your house’s curb and interior but also as your ovens, refrigerators, dishwasher, and closets because buyers are good at scrutinizing your home.

Cab webs and creepy crawlies might be hiding inside your appliances so clean them before your prospects poke around each.

Hire someone who can do the work if you are no longer capable. How much you spent on the deep cleaning will definitely come back twice, thrice, or more, faster than you expected.

Tidy houses attract buyers.

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7 Important Home Selling Factors Commonly Overlooked by Home Sellers3. Preparing a Disclosure

As a home seller, you are obliged to make a list of your property’s problems and developments. This may include water leaks, fires, floods, and similar circumstances.

Ensure that whatever you have listed in the seller disclosure is true and accurate any concealment will still be revealed once your buyer runs their inspection.

By doing so, you are safe from a possible lawsuit that may come after the sale.

List down in details both the major and minor problems and development in your house for safer, easier and faster transaction.

7 Important Home Selling Factors Commonly Overlooked by Home Sellers4. Finding the Right Real Estate Agent

A good real estate agent brings you sales, not the other way round— loss. While there are many estate agents in your area, take extra steps to find the best person to assist and represent you during the home selling.

Therefore, ask for recommendations from friends and families and reach out to references your prospect agent has provided.

A professional agent will be happy to give you access to their references. While this may entail additional time, interviewing past clients can exactly tell who are you going to work with.

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7 Important Home Selling Factors Commonly Overlooked by Home Sellers5. Arranging a Social Media Marketing Plan

Apart from playing with the traditional marketing to sell your house, using social media to market your home is proven to increase the chances of selling your house fast.

You worked hard to spruce up your house. Market it through Facebook or Twitter to spread the word out and display photo galleries, video tours, and floor plans.

By doing this, your post gets wider coverage and visibility, not just within your area but also on neighboring cities.

7 Important Home Selling Factors Commonly Overlooked by Home Sellers6. Taking Notes of the “Not for Sale” Items

You want your house to be picturesque so you staged it to perfection. Buyers, without a doubt, will fell in love with everything including the big chandelier and comfy sofa.

But this begins the confusion of which is what.

Specify the items included in the sale and label those that are not to make things clear for your prospects. It will save you from further perplexity throughout the home selling.

Take note of the above to avoid inconvenience and to ensure seamless home selling procedure. On the other hand, you can connect with the Home Buyers to steer clear away from difficulties of selling a home.

We Buy Ugly Houses in Washington DC

We at the Home Buyers is dedicated to helping home sellers sell their house fast no matter what it looks like. You don’t have to search for a real estate agent, list your home online, or even declutter and clean. We buy houses as-is!

Let’s chat for more details. Send us your details and we will get in touch with you shortly!

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7 Blatant Signs a Home Buyer Will Not Buy Your House

You’re fortunate if you met a buyer who can seal a deal for your house just a week after you have listed it. Although there are still a bunch them, they seldom come. Otherwise, you’ll get to bump with different types of home buyers, who get easily wowed and excited, instantly turned impassive, and turned away from your home without a word.

To avoid getting caught up, we listed here 7 obvious signs your home buyer is not really after buying your house.

7 Blatant Signs a Home Buyer Will Not Buy Your House in sell your house in Delaware1. The Buyer Doesn’t Have a Real Estate Agent

A buyer, who shops on their own, is not your next homeowner. Real estate agents are getting paid by home sellers to find prospects and possible buyers. Therefore, this is a free service for home buyers to take advantage.

Estate agent’s fees and commissions are covered by the seller’s expenses so there’s no way for a prospect not to solicit a free expert help.  Moreover, almost 90% of buyers bought their houses with the assistance of a real estate agent. The number says it all.

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7 Blatant Signs a Home Buyer Will Not Buy Your House in sell your house in Delaware2. Just Started Scouting for Properties

Home buyers, who just began their search, will less likely to seal the deal. Unless if they find your home the most practical choice among their options. If your prospect just started scouting, let say a week or less after you have listed your home, chances are they will eye for more properties nearby.

Therefore, these buyers will not push through the purchase after they have checked and visited houses for sale in the neighborhood. And normally, this activity lasts an average of three months or so.

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7 Blatant Signs a Home Buyer Will Not Buy Your House in sell your house in Delaware3. Not Pre- approved for a Mortgage

A serious home buyer will primarily discuss with a lender the amount she is allowed to finance her purchase. This document is important and will be presented upon submission of an offer. Simple and clear, a shopper without this document cannot shop your house.

Except if she will buy your house in Washington DC for cash.

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7 Blatant Signs a Home Buyer Will Not Buy Your House in sell your house in Delaware4. Made a Quick Visit, No Questions Asked

Someone, who comes to your home for a quick sneak, usually doesn’t end up signing the closing deal. While open houses are a good way to market your house, it doesn’t guarantee that the next home buyer comes from the showing.

A rush visit implies lack of sincerity. And not asking questions shows less interest. While this is not true to most cases, it commonly happens.

A buyer, who is really after buying a house, will search the web, find contact details, and will set a schedule for their private viewing. This action has more weight than the other.

7 Blatant Signs a Home Buyer Will Not Buy Your House in sell your house in Delaware5. Promises, Promises, Promises.

This type of buyer has been anywhere in the world and estate agents know them well. They love your house, yes they do. But they cannot send you an offer for a certain reason— they are on a hook with other properties, too.

So before they send their offer, this buyer are still looking for other properties and weighing in if yours is worth a purchase.

7 Blatant Signs a Home Buyer Will Not Buy Your House in sell your house in Delaware6. Unreasonably Low Ball Offer

A buyer, who is eager to seal a deal, will gamble their best offer to take your property. But if you came across to a low ball offer, then surely he’s not the right one.

While low-ball offers can still be flipped around to a possible sale, chances are, these came from buyers who are not really serious about buying your house. Get rid of them.

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7 Blatant Signs a Home Buyer Will Not Buy Your House in sell your house in Delaware7. Fault-finding

Accepting an offer doesn’t mean that the buyer is totally after buying your property. They might have found a better deal so they nitpick and requires a repair even the smallest dent their inspector has discovered.

This strategy blatantly shows apathy. And your buyer is perhaps waiting for you to refuse all her requests to give her a reason to back out from the deal.

If you have seen these signs in your home buyers, they probably are not the right persons to deal with. Sooner or later, someone else will see your house’s worth like the way you do. They are just on their way to your home.

But if you are in a rush to sell your house, a cash home buyer can make a deal in just a week without compromising your time and effort.

We Buy Houses in Delaware, Maryland, and Washington DC

The Home Buyers is a cash home buyer from Washington DC with proven track record of honesty and legitimacy. We buy houses in Delaware and its surrounding communities.

We are interested in buying houses whatever it looks like; even it is old and ugly. We do not window shop, we buy houses in just a week or less. Feel free to send us your details for further transaction.

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4 Ways to Sell Your Home Fast in Washington State

Washington State has improved for the past 15 years and has been recognized as one of the best and safest States to live in the US.

The district has brimming opportunities, great schools, and world-class amenities and destinations with heaps of greeneries where you can spend most of your time to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of the metro.

4 Ways to Sell Your Home Fast in Washington State the home buyers

Whilst Washington DC is a good place for the families, housing sales in the state remains strong and consistent. More and more families are selling their houses in Washington area for varying reasons like a job transfer, divorce, and retirement. Check why Americans sell their houses here. 

Sell your house in Washington DC

If you want to sell your home fast in Washington State, these 4 effective ways will help you.

4 Ways to Sell Your Home Fast in Washington State1. Prepare and Repair Your Home

Placing a “for sale signage” on your house’s door is not enough. You have to prepare it for guests who will surprisingly visit anytime of the day. So, it’s now time to give your house a facelift.

Doing the house improvements doesn’t need to be expensive. There are DIY ways to beautify your home without spending too much. Keep in mind that the purpose is to make your house presentable so it can sell fast.

Make sure to improve the house’s curb appeal as it creates the first best, or unfortunately, the worst impression from your prospect. Apart from the exterior, perk up the interior by preparing these 10 areas in your house.

4 Ways to Sell Your Home Fast in Washington State2. Market Your House

Alright, you are done with the home improvements so you are bound to do the next step, market your home.

There are sufficient ways to market and advertise your property online and offline. You can develop a website or even utilize the power of the social media like Facebook to spread the word about your house for sale in Washington DC.

Since you have prepared and improved the overall house’s aspects, take photos that you can post online. Ensure that the images are well photographed and  should highlight the best features and angles of the property. Your photographs can make or break the sales so give your best shot. You can also check these 13 ways to market your house.

4 Ways to Sell Your Home Fast in Washington State3. Prepare the Legal Documents

Make sure that your house for sale in Washington DC complies with the FSBO Home Marketplace’s Fair Housing Act to avoid surprised housing discrimination. The Act is a Federal law that prohibits discrimination based on religion, race, sex, color, status, nationality, and religion, which applies in Washington area.

Prepare the purchase contract and get it approved as it’s actually a major requirement in home selling. You can get the Fair Housing Act document from a real estate website or buy from any office supplies that sell legal documents.

4 Ways to Sell Your Home Fast in Washington State4. Call the Cash Home Buyers

It can be exhausting to do the above tips step-by-step so we have here a handy solution to help you. You don’t need to prepare, repair, market, and show your home to anyone. Moreover, you no longer need to wait for months or worst years to get a serious buyer.

If you are excited to sell your home fast in Washington State then contact the Cash Home Buyers. We give a generous top dollar offer and buy any house as is so you don’t have to do repairs and spend time in marketing your house. Even your ugly house will sell.

Skip the hassle of waiting just to sell your home fast in Washington State. Contact us today so we can send you our fair all-cash offer and buy your house in Washington DC within 7 days.