5 Types of Home Buyers You Will Meet in Selling your House

Selling your home without a real estate agent demands so much work. There are several assignments to accomplish including listing your home in Multiple Listing Service, preparing for an open house, and negotiating for the most competitive selling price.

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During your journey, you will also meet different types of home buyers that will challenge you to come up with the best decision as to when and whom to seal the deal.

Types of Property Buyers

1. The Cash Home Buyer

Cash home buyers will visit your home, check your property, and will offer you quotations to close the deal. These guys have no worries about the finances as they have enough to buy your home in cash. They can even seal the deal on a shorter escrow period. Usually, these people can close the transaction within 7 days.

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Regardless of your house’s age, type of property and appearance, cash home buyers can surely buy your house fast.

2. The Skimpy Buyer

The Skimpy buyers are the opposite of the cash home buyers. This type of buyer has a little cash for down payment and usually relies on FHA loans to finance the property. FHA loan has strict requirements to qualify for a loan. And that prolongs the closing of the deal.

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Since these people depend on loans, both buyers and the sellers do more work to settle the closing cost. With this case, always ask the assistance of a lawyer or a financial consultant when dealing with a skimpy buyer.

3. The Charity

Once in your life, you will receive an offer in a form of a sweet emotional letter. And attached therein are photos of a family and children. If you got this kind of contract, you are probably dealing with The Charity type of buyer.

They might be one of the most rewarding buyers you can engage with but beware.  These guys just want to win your heart and lure you with the goal of buying your house at a lower selling price. Check the offer and if they negotiate less than your actual selling rate, they are just messing around.

These people are great to work with but focus on your priority than to please them.

4. The Window Shopper

The Window shopper wanders around the city to look for possible houses to buy someday. They swoon at open houses but deteriorate after. They are often referred to hard negotiators and usually, submit lower offers.

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The truth is they are not really serious in buying your property. Observe this type of buyer. If you find out that they are eyeing for different properties and are not willing to seal a deal, move back and save yourself from wasting your time.

5. The Sniffer

You will also meet “The Sniffer”. These home buyers literally want to check dented areas and facilities on your house, even the slightest one. However, don’t feel intimated instead be true and honest to them. But be careful to reveal everything as they may use it to negotiate a lower selling price.

Investigate this type of buyer if they have successfully bought properties through searching their name in Google with keywords like “real estate transfers”.

You will surely meet any of these buyers along the way so prepare yourself as early as day one. Be careful in doing your transactions as they are expert in luring home sellers. Keep your priority and sell your home to the right buyer , who agrees with your selling requirements.

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