10 Best Real Estate Websites to Advertise Your House

Real estate sells like pancakes in the United States. Over 5.45 million total home sales were generated in 2016, which is higher compared to 2015’s statistics with only 5.25 million sales.

Each sealed transaction was a result of different efforts and in today’s digital marketing age, real estate websites give an advantage. These websites have the power to showcase your home, attract buyers, and close a deal fast.

Real estate websites are helpful in buying and selling houses but only a handful of them generates a significant amount of traffic that helps in the speedy sale of your home.

Below are 10 of the best websites to list your home based on popularity, relevance, and customer satisfaction.

1. Zillow

10 Best Real Estate Websites to Advertise Your House

Zillow has been in the real estate marketplace since 2016 and has now grown into one of US largest rental and real estate portals. It displays house information and even provides suggestions to help you decide on which house to buy for a better deal. You can also connect with professionals who can assist you during your home shopping.

With over 110 million US homes in Zillow’s database, who would still doubt its ability to successfully seal a deal.

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2. Trulia

10 Best Real Estate Websites to Advertise Your House

Trulia was founded in 2015 as a subsidiary of Zillow Company. Home sellers need to sign up and enter their details to get an access to Zillow’s database.  Your information as a seller will be displayed on Trulia’s mobile app and are accessible for homebuyers.

The app also provides insights about the commute time and crime score within the community.

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3. Realtor

10 Best Real Estate Websites to Advertise Your House

As the pioneering digital real estate company, Realtor.com had made people’s home journey simpler and more efficient.

With its innovative tools, estate experts, and a comprehensive list of for-sale properties, the real estate website was considered as the most trusted resource in the estate industry to date.

4. Homes

10 Best Real Estate Websites to Advertise Your House

Another good avenue to list your house for sale is at Homes.com. You’ll find a lot of for sale homes in the platform from fully-furnished to second-hand and bargain houses.

For sale properties are arranged by state, which is convenient in locating houses depending on your target location. These listings can also be accessed through Homes.com’s mobile apps, which has a comparison feature to help you land a better and fair deal.

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5. MSN Real Estate

10 Best Real Estate Websites to Advertise Your House

MSN Real Estate lists houses all over the US. They have specific sections for home rentals, home and garden tips, and even a page for first-time home buyer’s guide

They show recent listings with its corresponding prices so buyers can easily check new houses posted daily.

6. AOL Real Estate

10 Best Real Estate Websites to Advertise Your House

AOL real estate is one of the best go-to place for home shoppers to find their new haven at their desired place.  Every day new listings are posted and hundreds to thousands are being sold.

And everytime a seller posts a new home for sale, registered users will instantly receive updates.

You’ll also find the latest news about real estate and professional guides to help you in home buying and selling.

These real estate websites are on top of the game for being decent, reliable, and effective platforms to sell a house fast. With over millions of monthly visitors, the chance of selling your home in this website is high. The stupendous growth of these listings paves way for more home sellers to sell and buyers to buy.

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You don’t need to upgrade your home or even improve the curb- that’s additional expenses. We are buying houses as-is, whatever condition it is.

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6 Most Common Home Seller Regrets and What to Do About Them

Home selling is a hard game. Even experienced homeowners, who have successfully sold their homes, still have regrets because they could have possibly got better deals if they only became serious and careful in approaching the sale.

While regrets always happen at the end, lessons are learned which can be applied to the next and coming home sales transactions. And for those who are just new in home selling, get yourself ready.

6 Common Regrets by Homesellers

As early as now, learn these lessons from remorseful home sellers and run away from these mistakes when your turn comes especially if you need to sell your house fast in Washington DC and the surrounding communities. 

5 Most Common Home Seller Regrets and What to Do About Them sell your house fast in washington DC1. Ignoring Home Repairs

Some home sellers opt to neglect the importance of home repairs, which is actually a major move to increase your asset’s value.

Home repairs might be tiresome and costly if your house needs a total revamp, however, it is all worth the effort. Small repairs, staging, and de-cluttering are simple improvements you could do to improve your house’s appeal, making it more salable to prospect buyers.

Plan ahead and spruce up your home. Ignoring such major project will drag down your house’s sale price and may become the cause of getting stalled in the housing market.

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5 Most Common Home Seller Regrets and What to Do About Them sell your house fast in washington DC2. Sprucing the House Too much

While improving your house is necessary, making your property too perfect should not be your main concern.

Yes, you want more buyers see your house and ensure a fast sale but don’t go overboard. Making your house flawless and almost brand new won’t matter anyway. Home buyers will get easily attracted to your home but they have other preferences to yours.

A pristine house is fine but this won’t matter to an old woman who just wants to live simple in the neighborhood.

Buyers are after a turnkey home. Keep this in mind.

5 Most Common Home Seller Regrets and What to Do About Them sell your house fast in washington DC3. Keeping in Touch after the Sale

Staying in business after the sale of your home can cause frustration. This is actually true especially if the new homeowner keeps contacting you whenever she could not figure out how the home equipment works.

Being hospitable the first few months is a form of after sales support but doing it regularly for a year could be a pain in the ass.

While our community necessitates a friendly relationship, turn away from this practice. You are not her personal handyman.

5 Most Common Home Seller Regrets and What to Do About Them sell your house fast in washington DC4. Selling with an Agent

Most homeowners, especially first timers, prefer to deal with a real estate agent to do all home selling related works for him. But experienced sellers realized that they do not actually need one because they are agents themselves.

Selling with an agent may cost you double. Instead of getting your cash in full, a hefty charge of 6% of the total sales goes to the agent. This is a huge sum if you do the math.

Don’t fear because you can still sell your home just by yourself. At the same time, save your money for more important expenses. Moreover, you can even sell your home fast and for cash, if you deal personally with a cash home buyer.

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5 Most Common Home Seller Regrets and What to Do About Them sell your house fast in washington DC5. Concurring with a Demanding Buyer

Along the way, you will meet different types of home buyers. Some will play difficult and will demand certain requirements to seal the deal.

Owners are not compelled to agree with all his demands unless you want to sell your house fast in Washington DC and the surrounding states. You are open for other offers and home selling opportunities.

Dealing with a buyer’s whim will cause you frustration and may cost you too much in the future.

5 Most Common Home Seller Regrets and What to Do About Them sell your house fast in washington DC6. Accepting the First Offer

Most homeowners learned this the hard way. You don’t need to jump and accept the first offer immediately. Unless you want to sell your house fast in Washington DC then this might be a practical decision. But for those who don’t, take the time to assess your current standing and your buyer.

Most of the time, you get better deals than the first buyer. Check the house purchase offers.

Whilst you get lowball offers, which you can respond with a counter offer, you will still receive purchase proposals that can almost meet your competitive price. Go and grab them.

These home selling regrets happen to anyone of age and type. The silver lining? You can learn from them, which you can implement along with your practical home selling strategies.

Eliminate these regrets and avoid feeling resentful. Get the best deal for your home and live in peace in your new haven without thinking of the should, could, and would of home selling.

If you are anxious about moving out and want to sell your house fast in Washington DC without compromising its price, deal with The Home Buyers.

We buy houses for cash of any type, whether it is spruced up to perfection or not. We take care of all the home improvements needed for your home and are in charge of all the leg and paperwork necessary to seal the deal.

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5 Top Home Selling Fears by Home Owners

You have lived a happy life in your safe haven for decades. But this time, you have to let go and say goodbye to the place that has witnessed your life story.

Selling your home is extremely challenging. Aside from the anxiety brought by leaving your house to the hands of the next owner, facing a huge and haywire transaction demands more time and effort.

Common Home Selling Fears Encountered in Selling Your House

Others feel frustrated for different certain reasons. And here we will discuss the top 5 home selling fears by most home sellers.

My House Won’t Sell.1. My House Won’t Sell

Most homeowners are afraid that their home won’t sell, especially if they are in a rush to buy another property to transfer. While there are instances that houses don’t sell because of the changing market condition, you have several things to do to fasten the sale.

First and foremost, you need to price your property right. Here’s a guide to help you set the right price for your home.

Or, create a marketing plan for a marketable property. Check these marketing tips to sell your house quick.

There’s no way you can’t sell your home. Ugly houses still sell. Your turnkey home also will.

I Don’t Know Where to Start.2. I Don’t Know Where to Start

First time home sellers usually make mistakes because they are not sure when and how to start. They even don’t know how much is their house’s worth.

To bring in more prospects, working on making your home to a tip-top shape is your major concern. You have to prepare the house before you display the “For Sale” signage on your yard.

These are 10 things you should prepare in your home but it doesn’t need to be expensive. You can do DIY upgrades. It only takes a little time and effort to augment your house’s worth.

I need to sell soon.3. I need to Sell Soon

In a life event such as divorce or job transfer, most homeowners want a quick sale. They compel themselves to close the deal on a specific target date, which actually adds up to the pressure of home selling.

If you need to move out soon, you have to price your property at or below the recent comparable market value. Don’t sell too low, buyers today still prefer a property that is well=prices.

If you are selling because of broken marriage, read these tips to equally divide your home.

My House is too Ugly to Sell.4. My House is too Ugly to Sell

You want to leave your current old house to stay somewhere more turnkey and neat. But the fact that your house is old and ugly disturbs you because you believe no one will ever get interested in your property.

While ugly houses don’t sell fast, the chances are not zero. Believe it or not, you can still seal a deal even your home is not-so-good.

You can still close a deal for your ugly home by following these tips.

I Don’t Want People Coming my Home.5. I Don’t Want People Coming my Home

You don’t want strangers to enter the premises of your home. Well, this is a big issue that could lead to the delay of the sale.

As a home seller, you must prepare yourself for people coming in and out of your house anytime of the day. This is, in fact, the first thing you should realize prior to putting your property out in the market.

Prior to the schedule showing, take down all your belongings. Keep expensive items away from the sight of the visitors. And depersonalize your house so prospects can image their soon-to-be lifestyle once they moved to your house.

Don’t rush and stay calm. It’s also necessary that you practice these 6 important home seller etiquettes because your house is not the only aspect buyers scrutinized, homeowners, too.

The idea of selling a home is undeniably stressful. But don’t fear, it doesn’t happen exclusively to you, in fact, to everyone. Whilst it’s frustrating, the ease after you have sold your house provides an overwhelming joy.

If you don’t want to feel the fear of home selling, contact The Home Buyers.  We won’t even bother you of lengthy transactions as we can close the deal in just 7 days.

We have a dedicated representative to help you from start to finish. Contact us now!

6 Home Selling Etiquettes Every Homeowner Should Practice

Selling your home requires a lot of legwork. You have to prepare the interior and exterior of your house and set up effective marketing strategies for a faster sale.

Because you have achieved an immaculate shape doesn’t mean you are done with your homework. Your home is not the sole thing home buyers check, you are, too!

Impress your buyers, not only with a nice looking home but an attitude that attracts serious sales. Here are 6 unwritten home selling etiquettes every seller should practice to give the best possible light for your home.

1. Give Home Buyers the Privacy

Home buyers visit your house to check your home’s exterior and interior. During the open house, let your prospects tour the house themselves. Give them privacy. We know that you’re proud of all the DIY improvements you did and you want it to be appreciated. However, don’t lurk around your buyer during the showing.

Leave them freely. Buyers are more comfortable if homeowners are not around checking their every move. This enables them to picture themselves and their family’s future lifestyle clearly.

2. Take your Pets Away

Sure, your Pomeranian looks so nice and cute, but not everyone shares the same thought. During the open house, take your pet for a walk or schedule a haircut because aside from having allergies, some buyers are not comfortable having any pets at home.

A dog barking in the background is also destructing while your prospect is trying to check the house’s nuances.

Serious home buyers would run out your premises if you forced them to like your pet.

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3. Leave Enough Space for Parking

During an open house, park your car somewhere to give way to prospects. Potential home buyers hate parking issues and this could lead to a bad impression. Save them a space to park their car.

Don’t let them park a block away as they might skip checking your home. Don’t let your buyers feel lousy during their visit as it may affect their overall thought.

4. Prepare Important Documents

Since you are away to give space for buyers to check the nitty- gritty of your home, make sure that the important documents are laid out for their checking.

Place the appraisal, pre-sale home inspection, and the warranty in a conspicuous place. Having these files ready help buyers to get immediate answers to  their questions. Moreover, enables them to decide upfront whether to make an offer or not.

Leaving important documents in an easy to find place is a good etiquette to practice.

5. Offer Refreshments

Although this is not really part of your obligation, it’s always hospitable to prepare refreshments, which your buyers could grab when they started to get hungry.

Bottled waters, cookies, and mints are the most common refreshments to prepare.

6. Patiently Wait for Feedback

Of course, you want to know the buyer’s feedback. Don’t be so excited. Usually, buyers respond after a day or two to thoroughly process and study the information they picked up from visiting your home.

You’ll hear the feedback but not exactly on the day of the visit. Be patient.

The above 6 home selling etiquettes are important. They may not guarantee an instant sale but at least would leave a good impression on buyers, who might prefer to deal with you over the others.

The Home Buyers would love to know more about you and your property.

We buy houses for cash and can offer you an instant quote. Contact us today and we will help you sell your house in Washington DC within days.